Lovecraft Country

Let's Talk About The Sons of Adam Lodge In 'Lovecraft Country'

by Ani Bundel

The book Lovecraft Country is based on is less a novel and more a collection of short stories linked by a few unifying characters. The Braithwaites are the bad guys, and Tic and his friends are forever trying to avoid being killed or otherwise hurt by them. But the real adventures feel somewhat disconnected. The TV series has solved that by reducing the character count (RIP Uncle George). But it also has put more emphasis on Christina Braithwaite's quest to take over her late father's Lodge. But what is The Sons of Adam Lodge in Lovecraft Country?

Warning: Spoilers for Lovecraft Country Season 1, Episode 4 follow. What are the Sons of Adam and the Order of the Ancient Dawn? The Order believes there is a Gate to Eden to be opened. The "Sons of Adam" Lodges are working toward that end, attempting to translate the right spell from Titus Braithwaite's The Book of Names.

Last week's episode revealed Christina is dedicated to getting her hands on The Book of Names; it's why she secretly gave Leti the money to buy the Winthrop House. Horatio Winthrop, the original owner, stole several pages from the book to keep Titus' power in check. Winthrop attempted to build a translation from these pages. But by splitting the book into two, none of Titus' descendants could translate the spells necessary to open the Gate. So, Christina wants Tic to find her those pages.

In Episode 4, viewers discovered why she wants them so badly. Christina believes if she translated the spell, the Sons of Adam would have to make her their leader.


But Leti has accidentally put a new roadblock in the way. The voodoo spell Leti used to drive Winthrop and Epstein's ghosts away in Episode 3 blocked Christina's entry into her home. So, the new plan became for William to sleep with Ruby, Leti's sister, who also lives in the Winthrop House, as a way inside.

Christina has other problems too. The Chicago PD Captain Lancaster caught her loitering around the Winthrop House, and told her she's dreaming, because the Sons of Adam don't let women in. He said he planned to take the missing pages just as soon as she finds them, and wants to rule the Lodge.

But Tic thinks Christina's playing an even longer game. He believes she used him to goad her father into attempting to open the Gate, which killed him. In Tic's opinion, she knew it would kill him, thus clearing the path for her to find the pages and rule the Sons of Adam.


Tic's plan: Steal Titus' original translation of The Book of Names to find where the Winthrop pages are. Christina mentioned to Leti there is an orrery in the house that is the key to unlocking wherever Winthrop hid it. But Tic doesn't want to rule the Sons of Adam or open a Gate to Eden; he's just looking for spells to help protect his family and friends.

There's just one problem. Leti doesn't know where the orrery is. But viewers do — George's widow Hippolyta has it. She is super-into space and learning about the heavens. When she saw the orrery in the house during Leti's house party, she realized it was not for Earth's solar system, but one with two suns. Curious to understand it, she took it with her. She's gotten as far as realizing it is locked, but not how or why.

There's going to be a lot of explaining to do when Hippolyta finally figures out Tic, Leti, and Montrose have been hiding allllll this from her.