Rahanna at her Stylish Pooch fashion show on 'Queer Eye'

Wow, Rahanna's Dog Grooming Business Is THRIVING After 'Queer Eye'

Ryan Collerd/Netflix

While the Queer Eye bunch may specialize in human makeovers, one of their heroes does the same for doggos. Episode 2 of the recently released Season 5 featured Rahanna Gray, a dog groomer who had hit a bit of a lull in life before the Fab Five stepped in to help revamp her business. After seeing her story play out, fans of the show are likely super-curious about what Rahanna is doing after Queer Eye Season 5, so here's the latest update on her and her business, Stylish Pooch.

On the second of the 10 episodes in the new season, which premiered on Netflix on Friday, June 5, the Fab Five traveled to Germantown, Pennsylvania, to help out Rahanna Gray, a dog groomer who was struggling with her business and personal life. In 2016, Gray bought her first mobile grooming RV trailer and began a successful pet business, Stylish Pooch. However, when her trailer broke down and her partner cheated on her, she hit a roadblock both at work and at home.

That's where the Fab Five came in. As a team, they worked with Rahanna not only to strengthen her relationship with her partner, but also to revamp Stylish Pooch. They gave her company major refresh, complete with a brand-new mobile grooming vehicle, and they hosted a doggie fashion show to help promote her services.

Fast-forward to the present, and it appears Stylish Pooch is now a thriving grooming business. The company's Instagram is full of spiffy-looking pups, and a post from May 28 revealed Rahanna was fully booked until August — and this was before she got any publicity from her Queer Eye episode.

Fans and potential clients can now visit Stylish Pooch's cute AF website to learn about her full range of services, which includes cuts, washes, and coloring (!).

As of June 5, it's unclear how things are going in Rahanna's personal life, but at least her professional life appears to be doggone great.