The 'Riverdale' Finale Made An Unexpected Character Seem So Shady & I'm Freaking Out

by Dylan Kickham
The CW

OK, guys, I know that everyone is freaking out about Archie and Hiram and a million other things after that explosive Riverdale Season 2 finale, but there's one really creepy moment that I don't think everyone is focusing on enough. What is Polly Cooper up to on Riverdale!? Did you all catch that super creepy scene between her and her mom? It definitely looks like something big will be happening with Polly in Season 3, but what could it be? Let's break down the brief but potentially telling scene from the finale.

Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you haven't yet watched the Riverdale Season 2 finale, "Brave New World." The main focus in the finale episode of Season 2 was on Archie and Hiram — after our core four put together that Hiram was behind pretty much all their anguish this season, Archie threatens to come after Veronica's mob-boss dad, and Hiram retaliates by framing Archie for the murder of the Shadow Lake robber Cassidy and having Sheriff Minetta arrest him. So, yeah, we're all super worried about Archie going to prison and Hiram building a South Side drug palace, but you guys... what about that creepy Polly Cooper scene!?

Polly and her twins (Juniper and Dagwood) made a bit of a surprise return in the series finale. As viewers know, Betty's older sister has been pretty M.I.A. for most of the season — she left at the very start of the Black Hood mystery in order to safely raise her twins on a place called The Farm, which sounds a lot like a cult, and when she briefly returned home to meet Chic, she (wisely) decided that he was too creepy to be around and declared she was moving to San Francisco. But with Chic officially out of the picture now, it looks like Polly is back for good... which raises the question of how she has changed while she was culting it up on that "Farm." It sounds like that is something we are going to find out in Season 3, as Polly heavily hinted that her Farm-life is going to follow her to Riverdale very soon.

So, let's talk about that creepy scene. While Betty is out on a very well-deserved night of romance with Jughead, Polly has a conversation with her mother, who is fully depleted after finding out that her husband was moonlighting as a masked serial killer. In her depressed state, Alice uncharacteristically agrees to Polly's offer of a friend from The Farm visiting the Cooper house, whom Polly promises has the ability to "help heal" Alice. After Alice agrees, we get a shot of Polly sipping her tea with a devious look in her eyes... Ummm, who exactly is this friend!?

The shot is clearly meant to warn us that Polly is up to more than we are aware of with this visitor from The Farm. After all, Polly and her mom have really never been on the best of terms (to put it lightly), and all we really know about The Farm is that it sounds like a cult and the people there encouraged Polly to cut all ties with her family. Now that the Black Hood mystery is officially solved, maybe Season 3's central mystery will revolve around what the hell is happening on this Farm place.

But after that confusing finale, the only thing that we really know for sure is that Polly is probably hiding something major, and that we will finally be learning more about The Farm when the third season of Riverdale premieres either later this year or at the beginning or 2019.