Kane Lim in Bling Empire.

There's A Lot More To Kane Lim's Glitzy Life Than 'Bling Empire' Lets On


The cast of Netflix's Bling Empire is rich AF, but perhaps no one on the show enjoys their exclusive lifestyle more than Kane Lim. Throughout Season 1, the 30-year-old delighted in helping out with his friends' drama, even saying in the trailer, "Just go shopping. It's the best therapy." But although he's the son of a Singaporean billionaire, there's a lot more going on in the star's life that's not depicted on the show. So here's everything you need to know, including Kane Lim's job when he's not on Bling Empire.

As the show explained, Kane was born into a life of luxury. His family made their money in industries like oil, shipping, and real estate. Kane's friend Kevin Kreider noted that Kane owns many of the luxurious shopping malls in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Thailand.

But according to Kane, he had a much humbler upbringing than many wealthy kinds in Singapore. In a 2019 interview with VoyageLA, he explained his father never spoiled him and his siblings with things like chauffeurs, "but just the necessities such as the best food, education, and travel."

Kane first moved from Singapore to Los Angeles about nine years ago to attend school, but by that time, he had already found success as an investor. After his father gave him a "small loan" when he was 17, he soon paid him back and made his first million before turning 20. He told VoyageLA that he hopes his life in the United States will help him expand the family business from the East to the West.

As part of his investing gig, Kane is also dabbling in commercial real estate that's just as fancy as the properties his family owns back home. In September, he shared one of the L.A. properties he's selling on his Instagram. The house is also on Zillow at the super-casual list price of almost $2.7 million.

Speaking of Instagram, it only makes sense a businessman who lives it up as much as Kane does would have a strong following there. He shares his opulent lifestyle with over 144,000 followers, posting enviable designer goods ranging from dazzling Cartier bracelets to the latest Gucci collab.

"I have used my social media presence mainly to connect with individuals who enjoy fashion, but more importantly I have used this platform to raise awareness for charities that I support," Kane told VoyageLa.

And it's true that while he clearly enjoys his wealth, Kane also makes a point to give back. A scroll through Kane's pre-pandemic Insta feed shows that he lives up to the "philanthropist" title in his bio, even spending Christmas 2019 with a family sponsored by the non-profit organization Miracles for Kids (which assists families of kids with serious illnesses).

Although Bling Empire might be the first time you learn about Kane, his accomplishments at only 30 make it clear that this businessman and IG influencer is one to watch.

Bling Empire Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.