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What Is 'Five Points' Season 2 About? The Facebook Watch Show Is Drama-Filled

The Facebook Watch drama Five Points returned for a second season on Aug. 5, continuing its immersive take on a life-changing event told from five different perspectives. Season 1 introduced the teenagers and the hierarchy of Five Points High on Chicago's South Side before exploring how violence affected their community. The latest season is now building upon the pressuring situations the group's actions have created. What is Five Points Season 2 about? The series is now covering the circumstances that led to a destructive fire at the kids' high school.

This post contains spoilers for Five Points. Executive produced by Kerry Washington, Five Points debuted in June 2018, releasing 10 short episodes flashing backward to explain how one violent moment forever changed the lives of students at Five Points High. The show utilized the perspectives of five teenagers — Lexi (Hayley Kiyoko), Tosh (Madison Pettis), CJ (Ray Cham Jr.), Eric (Spence Moore II), and Wallace (Nathaniel Potvin) — that explained their lifestyles and relationships ahead of the pivotal change. Addressing topics such as sexuality, gun violence, and bullying, the series was renewed for a second season in December 2018.

On Monday, Aug. 5, Facebook Watch released the first three episodes of Season 2, providing background on what the kids were doing before someone set their school theater on fire and put some of them in danger. As the Season 2 trailer shows, future episodes will also contain snippets of authorities questioning the group about the fire and who could have started it. After introducing the perspective of Alex (Jake Austin Walker) in the Season 1 finale, Season 2 of Five Points also seems geared to feature new voices, as Ananda (Daniela Nieves) is highlighted in the promo in place of the deceased Eric. The video teases, "Some secrets change our lives. Some moments change our world."

So far, Season 2 has focused on CJ, Lexi, and Ananda, detailing what they were facing before chaos struck at the Five Points theater.

Rarely exceeding more than 13 minutes, each Five Points episode is a quick watch, but because of the show's heavy topics, a viewer taking things slow and steady is understandable. The show's Facebook Watch platform also allows for audiences to communicate with each other about the intense plot. "What I’m thrilled about is not only the content itself… but that we get to have it live in a space where we can combine it with groups,” Washington told Variety ahead of Five Points' premiere. “I wouldn’t want to put this out without creating a place for discussion."

The show is a unique project adding to the growing archive of Facebook Watch shows, but for the cast, Five Points is also a powerful experience to cherish.

"Kerry [Washington] was shooting the last episodes of Scandal when we started filming Five Points," Pettis told TheGrio during the airing of Season 1. "She told us to enjoy the ride together because it’s really special to be able to create something so powerful with people you have really bonded with and to be proud of the work that we did."

Prepare yourself for a suspenseful ride as the season continues and more points of view are explored. Season 2 of Five Points continues on Mondays on Facebook Watch.