‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 Will Introduce New Characters, So Get Ready For Drama


In case you missed it: Big Little Lies is returning, and fans are shook. Why? If you're asking, then you clearly haven't seen the show because it is a damn masterpiece. And Vulture has blessed us with some crazy new information: Big Little Lies 2 is going to introduce new characters, and when you find out about their backstories, you're going to wish you could binge-watch the second season like, right now. But, because we have to wait for the premiere date to be announced (boo! hiss!), we're going to need to practice a little patience. But fret not, because even though we don't have a concrete date for BLL season 2, we do have some pretty juicy gossip about where the series might lead (hooray! cheers!).

So, let's start with the characters who are reportedly going to come galavanting into (not-so) picture-perfect Monterey, California, because it seems like things are about to get shaken up.

Vulture has reportedly learned that auditions are currently taking place for four new characters to be on the show— yes, count them with me. FOUR!

We'll be introduced to a new school teacher, a school admin who befriends our fearless Jane (played by Shailene Woodley), and the parents of our beloved flower-child, Bonnie (played by Zoë Kravitz).

Straight from Vulture, here's what we know about the new second-grade teacher who will be shaking things up at Otter Bay:

Michael Perkins, a new second-grade teacher at Otter Bay Elementary School who wants to cultivate global and social consciousness in his young students. Renata (Laura Dern) becomes furious when Mr. Perkins’s lessons on global warming causes Amabella to have a panic attack.

Um, can someone say drama?

We'll also learn about another Otter Bay Elementary School employee, but instead of causing a scene, it looks like she might be creating an element of something entirely more ominous on the show:

A new employee in the school administration office who befriends Jane (Shailene Woodley). Eventually, the two women learn about each other’s “deepest secrets.”

*chews popcorn loudly*

Ugh. Can we PLEASE just get some more background on what these "deep secrets" are? Don't you think that our Jane has been through enough, damnit?

Finally, we'll meet Bonnie's parents, who, on the surface look *earthy* but aren't all that they appear to be:

Bonnie’s parents, Elizabeth and Martin Howard. Elizabeth is described as someone who has passed on her outwardly Zen qualities to her daughter Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz), but ultimately reveals herself to be controlling and abusive. Martin is emotionally distant toward his daughter, but a family emergency forces him to address the strain between them.

So we're clearly seeing a pattern here that will continue on in the show's second season: the kids are still growing, the parents are still hiding things, and we are all STILL WONDERING WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THESE WOMEN. Because the last time we left things off, it ended on a somewhat bright-yet-foreboding note, having every viewer craving more.

We all want more, Reese. But hey, seek and you shall find, amirite?

Obviously, fans had some excellent reactions to the announcement of the return of Big Little Lies:

Some asked for even more celeb appearances:

And some were honestly just bummed to find out that filming for a second season wasn't already almost done:

Worst feeling ever, like strolling into work thinking it's Friday, only to realize it's Thursday.

But I think we all know one thing for certain: we're all psyched that these women will be back on our television screens doing the damn thing. Honestly, could you even imagine a better cast than this? You won't find any #squad that's cooler than Reese, Nicole, Shailene, Zoë, and Laura.

Seriously, don't even try.