Apple Music's Latest Mix Is Giving You A New Way To Rock Out With Your Friends

Apple is releasing a new playlist tailored to the musical tastes of your friends. Just like the other playlists created by Apple Music, the Friends Mix will highlight the songs your friends are putting into heavy rotation. What is Apple Music's Friends Mix? It's a new way to rock out with your best pals. The friendly new music blend will appear in your Apple Music app and update once a week with a fresh batch of songs for you to listen to.

According to 9to5mac, Apple Music is creating a new playlist called the Friends Mix that will update every Monday. Each week, the Friends Mix will update with a list of 25 songs that your friends across Apple Music are listening to. You can think of the Friends Mix in the same way you view the Chill Mix or New Music Mix that Apple also updates on a weekly basis.

To find your Friends Mix, open up the Music app. On the bottom bar, tap the heart icon with the words "For You" underneath. This will open up to the page that houses all of your mixes, recently played music, and more. Your Friends Mix will appear right at the top, although you may need to swipe to locate it.

Apple Music uses algorithms based on your musical preferences to add songs to each playlist, according to 9to5mac. It's unclear what the specific algorithm is, but it seems probable that the Friends Mix is a collection of the most popular and played songs your friends have listened to in the last seven days. If you're behind on the latest No. 1 hits or are looking for some new music, Apple's Friends Mix could be the answer you were looking for.

With the release of iOS 11 earlier this year, Apple Music users are able to connect with friends and share music across the platform, according to Apple. Users can share what they are listening to with other users, as well as click to see what their friends are rocking out to. To share your Apple Music profile with friends, navigate to the Music app on your iOS device. Click on your profile icon and tap "Start Sharing with Friends." This will automatically let your friends peep through your shared playlists and songs as they appear on your Apple Music profile. Next, make sure you are connected with your friends to ensure their musical tastes are included in Apple Music's Friends Mix roundup. To find your friends, scroll down to the bottom of your Apple Music profile and click "Find More Friends." Then, a list of your friends will appear. To connect with them, tap the word "follow" next to their profile. Now you're connected.

The new addition to Apple Music is available for some users but not everyone just yet. It's unclear when Friends Mix will be available to all, but the new feature looks like a great way to streamline what my friends are listening to. I'm always on the hunt for new music, but I'll be the first to admit I never click through to anyone else's profile to see what they've got queued up. I don't have the Friends Mix feature yet, but it honestly sounds way easier than seeing what each of my individual friends is listening to.