The Umbrella Academy

Here's The Luther & Allison Recap You Need Before 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2

by Ani Bundel

The Umbrella Academy is the story of seven kids raised to be mutant superheroes, and how much it screwed up their childhoods. And no two embody that tragedy like Luther and Allison, Numbers One and Three. The two "siblings" have always been naturally attracted to each other, and since they are adopted and not actually related, they could technically act on their feelings, but it wasn't as simple as that. So, what happened to Luther and Allison in The Umbrella Academy? It's definitely complicated.

As Number One, Luther was the golden child, the super-strong, flaxen-haired hero. His loyalty meant he didn't leave the Academy, and he took on a challenge alone that nearly killed him. Hargreaves saved him by replacing his chest with a gorilla's. Unable to face Luther's self-loathing, Hargreeves then sent him to the moon for years to "watch for threats." But he never read any of the reports.

Allison, on the other hand, had the ability to manipulate people into doing things. Upon leaving the Academy, she used it to get whatever she wanted: fame, a hot husband, and a child. But she couldn't keep herself from using her abilities to stop her baby from crying. In horror at her actions, her husband divorced her and took the girl away.


When Hargreeves died at the beginning of Season 1, Luther assumed it was an assassination. Allison tried to support his investigation, even as she understood he was barking up the wrong tree. She was also supporting her sister Vanya, who had just landed her first boyfriend, Leonard. It was an uncomfortable situation, as Allison realized the guy Vanya was seeing was using her. She knew it would break Vanya's heart, but she felt like she had to say something.

Things came to a head for Luther and Allison on "The Day That Wasn't." Luther discovered Hargreeves never read his moon reports, leaving him there for years for no reason. Allison supported him, and that's when the two finally got together. Meanwhile, Vanya discovered she has powers, in a way that wasn't destructive. She even began to realize Leonard was using her without Allison having to tell her.

But this was the day that wasn't. At the end of it, Five arrived after the Commission tried to prevent him from stopping the apocalypse, and it changed the course of the day. Luther and Allison didn't get together, and Allison ended up having to tell Vanya how Leonard was using her.


In response, Vanya lashed out and slit her sister's vocal cords. In retaliation, Luther locked her away, the same way Hargreeves did when Vanya was a child, even as Allison signaled him to stop. Vanya then broke out, destroying the Academy. Luther and Allison (and the rest of the family) tracked her down, finding her at the theater playing her violin as her powers were ramping up.

The family surrounded Vanya to take her down. Allison was supposed to shoot Vanya in the head. But instead, she fired to the side, next to her ear. Startled, Vanya's bolt of energy from her violin shot wide and hit the moon, destroying it.

As the moon fragments hit the Earth, Luther picked up Vanya's body and grabbed hands with Allison. Five transported the family into the past, in hopes next time around, they'd get it right.

Fans will see whether that is the case when The Umbrella Academy Season 2 hits Netflix on July 31, 2020. Maybe this time, Luther and Allison can find their version of happiness again.