People Reveal What Squirting Feels Like To Them & TBH, It Sounds Super Empowering

Female ejaculation, commonly referred to as "squirting," is one of those sex happenings that not everyone can experience. It's not someone's fault if they can't squirt, and it's not their partner's fault either. Both squirting and not squirting are totally normal. Experts have not been able to decipher why some people can and others can't, but when it comes to what squirting feels like, there are a few things those who've experienced it can agree on.

It's important to remember that when, people with vaginas squirt, the fluid is coming from the Skene glands and projecting out of the urethra, not the vagina. Dr. Lauren Streicher, an Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at The Feinberg School of Medicine told Elite Daily that medical experts aren't 100 percent positive as to whether or not the fluid is really urine, or just urine mixed with Skene glands secretions, but as it does come from the bladder, it is definitely a urine-related fluid.

“Some women do ejaculate fluid from the Skene glands, and there are some women that also lose urine when they hit an orgasm,” says Dr. Streicher. “It’s virtually impossible for a woman to know the difference when it’s happening to her, because in any case, it’s going to be wet, and it’s going to come at the time of orgasm.”

She also says there's no science to prove that people who squirt have better orgasms than people who don't. A normal orgasm can be just as good as an orgasm accompanied by fluid. As for what it actually feels like to squirt... take it from Redditors who claim to have actually experienced it themselves.

According to this person, it's a progressive buildup that results in big-time relief.

I squirt like crazy mad. It's like a pleasurable buildup and then a release. I squirt even after not being touched and when giving a blowjob.



You might confuse it for having actually peed, because, in a way, you did.

For me, it feels kinda like the pressure of having to go pee before it happens, when it happens, it gushes out and feel super amazing. The first time it happened, I honestly did not know what happened, and thought I did pee. My husband was the one who had to explain it.


Even if you peed before sex, it could still happen. The fluid is likely urine mixed with substance from the Skene glands, that sit right next to the urethra.

I peed right before sex. I made sure my bladder was empty.
When my partner was stimulating me I felt like I have to pee right before it happened. I was thinking 'What's happening to me? Ach, just go with it' and I left a huge wet spot on the comforter. I asked him if I just squirted and he said I did - all over him ::blush::
I asked him point blank 'Are you sure it's not piss?' He told me 'Yes I'm sure, it tastes nice and sweet. Not at all like pee.'


You might not even know it's happening!

For me it feels like a lot of pressure building up inside me. The stimulation needs to be really intense for me to squirt, so it feels really really good as he's putting pressure on my a-spot and g-spot. In terms of when the fluid is actually released, sometimes I feel a small release in that pressure, other times I don't feel anything at all and the only way I know I'm squirting is to look down and see it spraying out or for my partner to tell me it's happening. Super hot to watch, especially seeing just how much he absolutely LOVES it.



Some partners go crazy over it, and that makes this person "feel like a sex goddess."

He says he loves it, can't get enough of it, and goes wild when he sees and feels it happening, which makes me feel like a sex goddess. I felt like the sexiest thing alive when I sat on his face for the first time and he sat up afterwards just dripping from me, grinning ear to ear.


When it happens and how heavily the fluid flows out of your body differ each time.

The sensation is different from peeing, there is a deep pressure that builds up and it feels differently than urine when it comes out. Sometimes it pours out, other times it squirts out, and then there are other times where he pulls out of me and THEN it comes gushing out. I also have times where it doesn't happen at all.


This person makes it sounds like it could be a lot of work??

The first time it happened for me I had been masturbating only my G-spot for about an hour and I thought I felt something, so I sat on the floor in front of a mirror and watched myself do it again.


All in all, it seems like squirting just feels really wet.

Feels like... when you repeatedly stimulate your g-spot for a while your vagina starts to contract as you are about to orgasm and then all of a sudden there is a warm gushy splashing and you look down and you've made a puddle.


Like, really, really wet.

I started doing it in my mid-20's and just thought I was incredibly wet, it didn't occur to me that I was squirting until I actually felt it jet out of me the first time. My boyfriend unlocked something inside of me the first time he fingered me, I had never produced a wet spot that big before. We jokingly refer to it as 'the lake Erie incident' and have since invested in a mat to protect the bed due to the amt of fluid he can cause me to produce.


But it doesn't necessarily feel better than an orgasm.

It doesn't feel like anything to me - sometimes I'm not aware that I'm doing it. I'm aware that I'm having an orgasm of course, but I can't actually feel myself squirt and the orgasm does not feel better when I do squirt.
I usually feel more relaxed after - whereas if I have an orgasm but do not squirt I'm almost always ready to go again.


It's mostly just a relaxing release of pleasure for this person.

For me it's like complete relaxation. And I'm normally too out of it to continue sex after because I'm so 'high' off the feeling. It doesn't always feel like peeing. Just a release of pressure.


Remember, you can still have a great orgasm without squirting! Don't let a lack of squirt convince you that you're not having great sex. Any sex that is consensual, communicative, and fun for both parties is great sex, squirt or no squirt.

This post was originally published on Feb. 20, 2018. It was updated on Sept. 19, 2019 by Elite Daily Staff.