Bad Bunny’s Latest Hit “Solo De Mi” Has A Surprising Meaning

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bad Bunny is known for his catchy tunes and eccentric image. By and large, his music is fun and definitely aimed at helping people have a good time. But with his new single “Solo de Mi,” the Puerto Rican artist is also trying to make a difference. The lyrics are surprisingly raw and speak to certain social issues that Bad Bunny feels the music industry needs to address. So, what do the “Solo de Mi” lyrics mean? They’re all about self love, raising awareness of domestic abuse, and centering women who’ve been on the receiving end of violence.

In “Solo de Mi,” which translates to “Mine Alone,” Bad Bunny sings of developing a sense of confidence and self-love even when romantic relationships go wrong. The chorus starts the song off with the following lyrics (which are translated from Spanish):

Don't call me again 'Baby' (No!) / I'm not yours or anyone's, I'm mine alone / Don't call me again 'Baby' (Yeh, eh) / You already know that I'm not even a little bit for you / Don't call me again 'Baby' (Uh, uh, uh) / I'm not yours or anyone's, I'm mine alone / And don't call me again 'Baby' (Eh) / You already know that I'm not even a little bit for you

And that definitely sets the tone for the whole song. In the song, the narrator (who, in this case, is meant to be a woman) is reclaiming her power in light of an abusive relationship.

The first verse again reiterates that the woman has all the power simply because she has decided that’s what she wants, even in spite of being hurt by her partner.

Our thing is already dead / I'm sorry if it hurt you (Oh) / It wasn't me who decided / It was you who f*cked it up / May our thing rest in peace (Wouh!) / You didn't break my heart, I already had it broken / That's why, I don't love you, nor do I hate you / Raising a bottle at your wake / I'm going out all night / Did you care for me? For that I thank you; hey / But I don't belong to you / Today I'm going to the water to see what I fish (Wouh!) / Baby, you're a delay / Put what you want on Facebook 'cause I will not pay attention to you / Back up, don't put your arm around me

The second verse offers much the same in the way of message. In the lyrics, the woman announces that she’s free.

The video for the song, which was released in December 2018, carries exactly the same sentiment. In the video, a young woman stands at a microphone singing the first verse and taking blows to the face from an invisible abuser as the song progresses. By the second verse, she’s freed of the situation and fully able to reclaim herself and her power.

You can check out the video for “Solo de Mi” down below:

When announcing the video on Instagram, Bad Bunny had this to say about its message:

I'm not sure if cockfighting is abuse, but gender violence against women and the absurd number of women who are murdered a month is. When are we going to prioritize what really matters? We always want to blame everyone but the one at fault. It’s time to take action now!

Needless to say, this is clearly an important topic for Bad Bunny and one he felt a strong need to address. Good for him for spreading his message.