This Is What Your Boyfriend Is Really Thinking About While Having Sex With You

by Candice Jalili

So you and your boyfriend have been together for over a year now. You've officially made your way over from "casual fling" territory to full on bonafide long-term serious RELATIONSHIP. You two have been together for so long that it really does feel like you know everything going through his head. You have become one of those annoying couples who finish each other's sentences and can sit in the car for an hour straight without talking because you know exactly what's going through each other's minds. That being said, what men think about during sex is still kind of a mystery to you, and you'd be lying if you said you weren't curious about what goes through his head from time to time.

I mean, yes, he's a nice guy who loves you to pieces. But you're not an idiot. You know he watches porn every now and then. Are those ladies popping up in his head every now and then? OR is he ever thinking about his ex? Does he notice how pale you've gotten since the summer ended, even though he swears to God he hasn't noticed at all? Is he thinking about that one patch of hair you missed shaving this morning? Or is he genuinely just thinking about how in love he is and how lucky he is to be making love to you? Well, a new Reddit AskMen thread asked dudes to get real about what guys think during sex and, no, your boyfriend might not have participated in this but, boy oh boy, is it a good insight into what's going through a guy's mind during sex with BAE.

He's got two things and two things only on his mind.

"Is this good for her?" is number one.
"Don't cum too soon" is a close second.


He's overcome by his love for her.

Mostly things like "this is awesome," "I really like/love this girl," "I fucking love boobs." I focus a lot on figuring out if she is getting off (most of my partners have been on the quiet side) because it is important to me.
Every once in a while, though, I find myself thinking about random tv shows, homework, etc. I don't know how it happens, though, because I usually am the one doing most of the work too, which takes up most of my focus.


He's got another set of two thoughts.

(1) Her pleasure
(2) Her ass
That’s it. Those are all the thoughts.


He's thinking about how beautiful she is.

I tend to feel (emotionally+physically) more than think in the moment. If you want to call that thinking, then:
"God you're beautiful, so beautiful, you feel so good, so good, I love you so much, so beautiful, feels so good, love you so much" + sometimes little glimpses of my fantasies hover at the cusp of my mind.
Sole exception: When she murmurs things to me (fragments of her fantasies, etc.), then that - and what I associate with it - tends to predominate my mind.


He's thinking about her best friend and swears other guys are too.

On behalf of all men, we're always thinking about your best friend.


No thoughts at all.

Many of us aren't thinking, we're too busy having sex.


Sometimes he thinks about England.

Sometimes England.


He's wondering who's on her mind.

I wonder who she's thinking about


He's trying so hard not to cum.

'Don't cum don't cum don't cum, hey she seems like she's really enjoying this, I'm a fucking champi-ah shit I came. "


He's just focusing on her needs.

Usually just trying to read her responses and adjust accordingly.


This is the best thing that's ever happened to him.

This is best thing that ever happened in my life.


He's thinking about her.

I just think about her and how hot she is. If I need to slow down or go harder. Otherwise my head is turned off. Dickbrain is working.


He's also thinking about how hot she is.

I think about how hot she is and how good she looks while banging.


She looks beautiful and it feels so good.

How beautiful she looks. How nice her body is. How good it feels.
Or just kind of enjoying the emotions of it, like the intense connection.


Three very poignant thoughts.

oh shit this is awesome
shes so hot
aww yeah boobs


He's thinking about what could've been.

Fantasize about sexy shit I'd like to be doing, but she'd never try.


Alright, can we all make a pact here to disregard /u/B0000000BS? Also, let's take a deep breath and rejoice in the fact that, for the most part, it seems like these dudes know how lucky they are to be boinking us.

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