GOT7's "1°" Lyrics Are Relatable If You've Had A Relationship That Seemed Too Good To Last

Anthony Kwan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

GOT7 just released their new album Spinning Top, and Aghases everywhere are more excited than they’ve been in quite some time. The group’s new album is full of bops, including one called "1°" which fans are anxious to dive deeper into. So, what do GOT7's "1°" lyrics mean? Well, they’re all about feeling unstable in a relationship and praying that things don't change.

Before I delve into the lyrics to "1°," let’s talk first about the group’s new album. GOT7’s Spinning Top album was released on Monday, May 20. The album precedes GOT7’s Keep Spinning world tour, which will kick off on June 15 and take the group from Seoul, Korea to Mexico City, Mexico. In between, they’ll also be visiting the United States and Canada. According to Billboard, GOT7 will also be heading to South America, Europe, and Australia in the second half of the year. For now, though, fans will just have to snag tickets to those first few North American shows.

So, there’s plenty of opportunity for fans to hear the group’s new music, including "1°."

And, of course, GOT7 fans will want to learn the lyrics to the song before they hit any of these tour dates. But more importantly, they should know what those lyrics mean — because all of GOT7's songs are so meaningful.

Luckily, the Aghase Twitterverse has you covered. So, here’s a look at what the lyrics actually mean according to a translation by @iGOT7_MarKP.

It's dangerous, its dangerous, baby

Don't let go, not even for a moment

Hold me, Hold me, Baby

Can you endure it just a little bit more

Behind that star

Inside the hidden light, darkness comes inside

Please look at the trembling me

Will you hold my hand?

I'm becoming more and more blinded

Feelings that are trembling might look calm

But it's right before it explodes

Spinning top that's spinning wobbly

Stops afraid that it will be swallowed by darkness

Look at me I'm afraid

Look at me I'm afraid

I'm afraid that it might tilt

Slowly by 1 degree

Slowly I'm dangerously shaking

I'm falling

Small crevice 1 degree

Pray to not tilt, not even 1 degree

24/7, afraid that I will fall because of that 1 degree

Can't focus, not even at work

The angle of how you look at me

The temperature of the words you say to me

I hope everything will stay the same

By 1 degree

Through the crevice

Darkness seeps through

Becomes light and come save me

From the deep darkness

You can listen to the whole song below!

This song is so relatable for anyone who's ever been in a relationship that's so good, it felt almost too good to be true. Then you end up feeling insecure over and just want to know for sure that nothing will change.

There's one relationship no one ever has to doubt, though, and that's the relationship GOT7 has with their Aghases. GOT7 has been loyal to their fans just like their fans are always loyal to them and that's never, ever, ever going to change.