Hair Blotting Sheets Are The Ultimate Hack For Winter Frizz & Static Cling

by Kim Carpluk

Have you gone on a spontaneous date or dinner only to catch a glimpse of yourself in a window and mistake your reflection for a poodle? It happened to me yesterday. If only I had the Ouai hair sheets, my fate might have been different. What are hair sheets, you might ask? Good question, because I myself didn't know until now. However, from this moment on, I might not be able to survive without them.

Let me start by saying the New York City weather hates my hair. When I lived in lovely Los Angeles, my hair always looked thanks to the dry, dry air that let my artificially curled locks live their best life. The second I moved back to NYC, I truly became a giant walking poodle. I put a lot of product in my hair, but even my 25 hair oils, gels, and pomades cannot keep all my little frizzies at bay. My hair looks amazing as I leave my apartment, but the humidity and just general grossness of NYC weather literally cramps my style the second I step foot outside.

When I add a little extra product into my hair on the go, I tend to be fine for at least a few hours, but I don't want to carry my massive bottle of Form Multitask. Leave-In Lotion ($32, Sephora) in my purse at all times. It's effective, yes, but certainly not practical. Luckily, Jen Atkin, the iconic Kardashian hairstylist and founder of the cool AF haircare brand Ouai, is here to change the game for all of us frizzy-haired girls out there.


The Ouai Anti-Frizz Sheets ($18, Sephora) fight frizz on dry, static-prone hair. Have you ever touched up your oily skin (me) with blotting paper throughout the day? It refreshes your makeup and removes the yucky stuff, leaving your skin fresh and renewed. Think of the Ouai Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets like blotting papers for your hair. They'll fix your style in a second without really any effort whatsoever. Plus, they'll fit so perfectly and weightlessly in your purse. Your back and/or shoulders with thank you.


The sheet part of of the Ouai Anti-Frizz Sheets is made with eco-friendly hemp paper, which also helps to tame down the frizz. It's also coated with coconut oil, which we all know is great for taming fly aways, and shea butter, which provides lightweight shine. It's also scented with the Ouai No. 4 Fragrance, which contains notes of violet, gardenia, ylang ylang, and white musk. The fragrance alone makes this product worth it for me. I'm notoriously known for spraying perfume in my hair so all my various (infrequent) dates will remember my signature scent long after I leave. However, the alcohol in perfume tends to dry out my hair and create more frizz. With the new Ouai Anti-Frizz Sheets, you can get the best of both worlds.

The $18 package comes with 15 individual sheets, so you can consider it a little over $1 per touch-up.


All you have to do is swipe the sheet from the root of your hair strands to the tip. Suddenly, all of your frizz will be gone and you'll be refreshed and ready for whatever life plans to bring you.

Ouai isn't the first to break out sheets for quick and easy application. Briogeo released a Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System ($36, Brigeohair), which was basically a hair sheet mask in cap form. Pinrose has its Petal Packs ($24, Pinrose), which allow you to take your favorite scents on the go with tiny little sheets that you can simply swipe on your pulse points.

All I know is I'm here for anything I can just wipe on that makes me look awesome.