What Are First Date Turn-Offs For Guys? Guys Reveal The Moments They Knew They Weren't Interested


Everybody has had one of those first dates. You know, that one date (or maybe multiple dates) you went on that was such a freaking train wreck that you'll be telling the story until the day you die. Maybe it wasn't even a total train wreck, but you just didn't click with the person at all. Maybe your date was just so annoying that you literally had to make up an excuse to leave halfway through the date to save yourself. Well, a recent Reddit thread asked men to share their first date turn-offs, and their stories are absolutely unreal.

Read along as these guys dish on their the most horrific first date stories ever, from the woman who got out of one guy's car to pee, to the person who literally stole his wallet halfway through the date and bailed. Trust me, they'll put your worst stories to shame.

She had him pull over so she could pee on the sidewalk.


She didn't know where Pearl Harbor was.


She told him she believed in ghosts.


She kept bringing up her ex-boyfriend.


She was way too nonchalant about doing cocaine.


She brought up astrology.


She told him she thinks sports are dumb.


She used to date a super dumb guy from his high school.


She bored him.


She didn't believe in dinosaurs.


She was racist.


She stole his wallet.


Tell me those stories weren't some of the craziest stories you've ever heard of.

Seriously, next time you're feeling down about a horrible date you just had to go on, read these and think, "At least my date didn't steal my wallet."

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