What 3 Things Would You Never Leave Home Without? 10 Readers Share Their Brilliant Essentials

By Andrea Jordan

Whether you’re a packrat or a minimalist, getting ready every morning before heading out the door can be quite the task. If you’re like me, you probably pressed snooze one too many times, leaving yourself with a solid 13 fewer minutes than you really needed. Plus, my must-have outfit most likely needs a major ironing, and I refuse to leave the house without eating breakfast before dashing out the door. Then, once I get myself put together and finally think I'm safe to step outside, I realize I still have to decide what I need to take with me, and the cycle starts all over again.

To make this daily struggle a little less of a... well, struggle, I started thinking about what I'd keep in my bag if I could only bring three things with me when I leave the house. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the office, sprinting to class, or just trying to make it to the grocery store, we all have necessities we need before heading out the door. But when life makes you prioritize what you really need versus what you want, you have to make some major adult decisions.

To help narrow our on-the-go supplies to just the essentials, Elite Daily partnered with the new Venmo Mastercard® to challenge our readers to name the three things they'd never leave home without. And now that Venmo has rolled out this nifty card that's connected to your personal Venmo balance, you never have to worry about wads of cash or multiple forms of payment taking up unnecessary space in your pockets.

Scroll on to learn which three brilliant items our readers will always have on hand, then click over to learn more about how the Venmo card can make your day (and your daily packing) way easier.

Phone, Chapstick, Driver’s License

Han Burton/Elite Daily

“My phone is my life. It's crazy to think that I am dependent on such a small device, but I use it for everything. It is my main source of communication, my planner, and so much more. Chapstick is important ... it's easy for my lips to get dry, especially when you're talking and interacting with people all day. Having dry lips is not a good feeling, so I absolutely have to have this. I'm always out and about, so having my driver's license is a must. I live in Atlanta and I drive everywhere, so technically it will be illegal for me not to have it. I can't leave home without it.” —Shannon, 28

Green Tea, Mascara, Cell Phone

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

“I can no longer leave the house without packets of green tea. It’s refreshing and gives me the energy to start my day. Also, mascara! I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but if I’m going to leave the house I always put on a little. I use a drugstore brand. It’s cheap, but it gets the job done. Lastly, my phone. I do not live in a large town — I live about 35 minutes from the nearest superstore — so having my cellphone on me is the best way to stay in communication with my friends, family, and boyfriend. It’s not glued to my hip, but it does have to leave the house with me.” — Ashley, 28

Confidence, Clothes, Keys

Han Burton/Elite Daily

“I obviously need keys. I have to drive and get back into the house… at some point, at least. Clothes are a necessity because I would get arrested if I didn’t wear any outside. And confidence. I would probably need this more if I didn’t have my clothes.” —Will, 39

Baby Wipes, Lip Gloss, Credit Card

Africa Studio/Fotolia

“As a mom of a toddler, I’ve learned that things get messy rather quickly, and truth be told this is true even if I don’t have my son with me. Baby wipes are great for instantly refreshing my hands. I don’t care how nice my hair is or how great my clothing is, if I don’t have lipstick or lip gloss on me, I don’t feel complete. I never leave home without it. It sounds so silly, but I don’t feel safe without my credit card. I know that if an emergency happens, I’ll always have some money to cover me, regardless of the amount on the debit card.” —Deena, 33

Coffee, Water, Cell Phone

Uwe Umstätter / Westend61/Offset

“There are three things I need in life to survive, period. So, I definitely can’t leave the house without them: My phone, water, and coffee. I need each of these equally to make it through my exhausting days. My day-to-day is dependent on communication and liquids.” —Constance, 49

Fitness Tracker, Cell Phone, Keys


“I have two kids and we travel a lot, so I like to have my phone on me for possible emergencies and music for entertainment. My keys are necessary for me to get in the car and back into the house. I’ve forgotten my keys before, so I’m officially paranoid. I love my fitness tracker and I love tracking my steps every day. I’m also a bit neurotic when I comes to time, so I love having I on my wrist to check constantly.” —Remya, 33

Cell Phone, Wallet, Reusable Shopping Bag

Sean Locke Photography/Shutterstock

“My phone has everything I need to live —maps, contact info, entertainment, even my credit card for cabs and purchases. My mom told me never to leave the house without my wallet, because if I get hit by a taxi having ID and insurance card will make sure I get taken to the good hospital. I love a spontaneous farmer's market purchase and my reusable shopping bag helps me keep it green!” —Kate, 32

Lip Balm, Asthma Pump, Credit Card

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

“Asthma pump because you never know if you would have an asthma attack. I am not ready to die. I need to go back to Jamaica one more time. My credit card for any random emergency so I won’t be stranded. I had a friend who went on a road trip without her wallet. It’s just not a good idea. Not to mention, you never know what once-in-a-lifetime sales you might see. And lip balm for obvious reasons. There is nothing worse than chapped lips.” —Jana, 36

Purse, Cell Phone, Lip Balm

The Licensing Project/Offset

“My phone is how I’m connected to the world, my family, and my kids, so without it, it’s nearly impossible to communicate. I haven’t seen a payphone in years. My purse has everything I need including my keys, my wallet, and other necessities like hand sanitizer, tissues, and pens. Though it’s mostly important for my keys and wallet. And I can’t live without my lip balm. Dry, cracked lips are a definite no-no in my book.” —Danyelle, 38

Keys, Phone, Glasses


“If I could only grab one thing, it’d be my keys because how else would I get around town? And I most certainly want to be able to get back into the house if no one is home. My phone is always in my pocket and I use it for everything, including checking the score of the latest football game. And without my glasses, I just might not even make it to my car.” —Justin, 24

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