Fans All Have 1 Big Question About Nicole & Clay After The 'Paradise' Reunion

ABC/John Fleenor

Chris Harrison says it each and every season, but this past one may have actually been the most dramatic one yet of Bachelor in Paradise. Each week brought on another love triangle (or two or three), and audiences saw some pretty devastating breakups. The finale and reunion that aired on Sept. 17 gave fans the chance to get some closure on this roller coaster of a season, but one notable Paradise couple seemed to be missing from the lineup: Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor, leaving fans to ask: Were Nicole and Clay at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion? Fans were hoping to see them take the hot seat.

At the start of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale, Nicole and Clay were one of four couples who made it to the Fantasy Suite dates. However, they didn't get the same happy ending the other three couples did. Instead, Clay told Nicole he wasn't ready to say "I love you," and he wanted to take their relationship slow. Nicole, on the other hand, was ready to jump all in, and she didn't want to settle for someone who couldn't commit as much as she could. She broke up with Clay, giving fans tons of quotable phrases such as, "I have to do what's best for me right now. I can't tell people we're together, knowing you don't love me back. I have to go."

Fans were ready to hear more of Nicole and Clay's story during the reunion, but unfortunately, they never got any airtime. However, they were, in fact there; their segment simply got cut. Following the show, ABC released the clip of Nicole and Clay's chat on Twitter, so fans could get the answers they needed.

In the unaired clip, Nicole said her relationship with Clay is still weighing on her. "I really did fall for Clay, fully and completely," she said, which explained why she was shocked to hear Clay talk about his doubts about her, just as things were getting serious. Nicole said it all felt very familiar to Clay's previous relationship with Angela Amezcua.

"I wish I could have talked to Angela about what exactly she experienced with Clay, because I was about to become Angela 2.0," Nicole said, referring to the way Clay apparently broke up with Angela just as they were talking about moving in together. "I was about to maybe be dangling onto his 'what-if's' and 'maybe I'll get there, maybe.'"

In telling his side of the story, Clay said he went to Paradise with the intention of finding someone, and he thought he and Nicole were on a good path, even if it was moving fast for him.

"I didn't understand why you weren't open to the possibility of leaving and dating and being boyfriend and girlfriend," Clay said to Nicole. "I really wanted that."

Nicole retorted that if Clay really wanted that, he would have sacrificed a little to get it and he would have communicated better with her. Nicole said:

That final day, when I was wearing the white dress and I saw you on the beach, I was just hoping that maybe it would finally come to him and maybe he would just snap out of it. He would finally tell me, 'I care about you, I'm gonna say whatever it takes to have you because I'm about to lose the girl of my dreams.'

Seemingly putting aside their differences, Angela offered her support to Nicole, saying she wishes Clay would be more aware because his "actions trample people's hearts." Clay apologized to both Angela and Nicole, and he also revealed an update about Nicole's love life: She has a boyfriend now and he's happy for her.

"I'm with someone who wants a relationship," Nicole said. "I deserve 100%. I cannot wait to be someone's 100% and if it's not with the man I'm dating now, maybe it'll be with the next one. No woman should have to doubt if the man that they're with is in love with them."

Even though Nicole and Clay's story didn't end with them together, it's nice to know they — and their fans — at least got a little more closure.