'A Million Little Things' Fans Already Have Theories About Ashley & Jon After The Premiere


The picture the A Million Little Things pilot painted of businessman Jon was a flattering one, showing the character as a loyal, wise friend and loving father before he jumped out of his office window to meet his death. The unexpectedness of his decision and the cagey behavior of his assistant Ashley captured the attention of viewers, who are still wondering why Ashley hid Jon's presumed suicide note. The show hinted that the two were close, so were Ashley and Jon having an affair on A Million Little Things? Fans on the internet definitely seem to think so.

This post contains spoilers from the first episode of A Million Little Things. In a post-This Is Us TV landscape, last-minute reveals of complicated twists are essential for weepy dramas. Fitting this mold, the closing moments of A Million Little Things' showed that Jon's wife Delilah was having an affair with his friend Eddie, who planned to leave his unhappy marriage on the exact day Jon killed himself. The show hasn't confirmed if Jon knew about the affair, but it's certainly no coincidence that he called Eddie and left him a voicemail right before taking that fatal jump. Rome's video footage of the guys' recent hangout also emphasized that Jon equated friendship with trusting each other with their wives and kids, shooting Eddie a quick look during this monologue.

Clues about Jon's awareness are evident, but if he did know, his careful approach doesn't really align with being a man who is having his own affair. The businessman sleeping with his assistant is a total pop culture cliché, but Jon definitely trusted Ashley with a significant secret. At the end of the episode, she deleted several office computer files related to a Rutledge case, suggesting that this was a potentially dangerous business deal for Jon to undertake.

Ashley's intimate knowledge of Jon's work life and the fact that she hid his letter has Twitter buzzing about the nature of their relationship. Even if they never began a romantic relationship, fans seem to believe that Ashley had feelings for her boss whether or not they were reciprocated.

Speaking to TV Guide, A Million Little Things creator DJ Nash teased about Ashley's role moving forward, saying:

I think in terms of Ashley, there's stuff going on about Jon that the rest of the group of friends wasn't aware of, and we're going to learn more about that as the season progresses, in terms of what happens... I think she genuinely loves Jon and I think she believes that all of the things she's doing are honoring Jon... What I like about our show is just when you think you know someone, you don't.

Nash didn't exactly hint about the potential reveal of another affair, but his answers do point toward Ashley hiding Jon's letter to protect him rather than herself. Whether she thought the letter detailed his risky business deal, their possible affair, or a totally unknown secret, Ashley hiding the note speaks of a wish to keep Jon's image as a "perfect" man intact for the sake of his family and friends. We'll have to wait for answers, but Ashley might not be as malicious as we think.

Season 1 of A Million Little Things continues on Wednesday, Oct. 3, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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