2019’s Best Frequent Flyer Program Will Take Your Wanderlust To New Places & Perks

How many flights will you be taking in 2019? If you have a passionate case of wanderlust, odds are, you'll be hopping on a lot. Let's be honest: Flying is a necessary part of traveling the world, but the logistics can be a bit overwhelming at times. You may be wondering how you can use a frequent flyer program to your advantage, and you'd be surprised to discover just how many benefits and perks you can earn by becoming a member. WalletHub's best frequent flyer program for 2019 has officially been revealed — so here's the scoop.

Loyalty will get you far when it comes to sticking with one airline, and WalletHub's custom calculator can help you discover what program will work best for your budget. Different airlines offer programs that benefit both you and the company in the long run. You could purchase future flights using miles you've earned over the course of time, and honestly, that's every true traveler's dream come true, right?

Each program is different, and it helps to compare which would work best for your particular situation. WalletHub's most recent study reveals the best frequent flyer programs to help you decide which one to choose in 2019. Happy travels!

What Is The Best Frequent Flyer Program For 2019?
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According to Wallethub, Delta SkyMiles is the top frequent flyer program out there for 2019. United Airlines — Mileage Plan took second place, JetBlue Airways — TrueBlue came in third, Southwest Airlines — Rapid Rewards took fourth place, and Hawaiian Airlines — HawaiianMiles came in fifth.

Delta's program offers the greatest value for light, average, and frequent flyers across the board. This is the airline's fourth year being dubbed the best by WalletHub.

What's great about Delta SkyMiles is that they don't expire, so you can easily rack them up over time and roll them over to the next year if they go unused. You can also redeem miles with partner carriers for flexible use. Sounds like a pretty incredible deal to me!

What Makes For A Great Frequent Flyer Program?
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WalletHub used a variety of different factors to determine what makes a great frequent flyer program, and these findings reveal what you should be looking for. According to WalletHub, the best programs should be well-rounded and cater to every airfare budget — from light flyers to frequent flyers.

Programs are based on factors such as mileage expiration, blackout dates for award travel, the ability to redeem miles with partner carriers, membership perks, and so much more. There are so many factors to compare before choosing the perfect program for you, and this article can really help you decide.

Here's How You Can Use Frequent Flyer Programs To Your Advantage
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If you're not using a frequent flyer program right now, then you're missing out on a variety of perks that could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You can save big on checked luggage with a program that offers free checked baggage. You might even be able to get complimentary upgrades on flights. Other potential perks include free in-flight WiFi, priority check-in, and expedited baggage services to make your next trip a breeze.