Vanessa Hudgens Had A Cozy Dinner With An NBA Star After Her Reported Breakup

by Candice Jalili
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Life moves fast. Need proof? Vanessa Hudgens and Kyle Kuzma reportedly had a date on Jan. 21, shortly after news of her reported split from Austin Butler broke on Jan. 14. TMZ snapped pictures of the Bad Boys for Life actress and the Lakers power forward sharing a bottle of wine while seated at a cozy, candle-lit table at trendy Brooklyn eatery Lilia. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for both Kuzma and Hudgens for comment regarding the claims they went on a date. Kuzma's rep declined to comment, while Hudgens' team did not respond in time for publication).

While it's unclear if the dinner was a date or just a platonic hang, they both appeared to be enjoying each other's company. One photo shows a turtleneck-clad Hudgens laughing while Kuzma shoots her a sly smile, and the other shows the two exchanging smoldering glances across the table while a waiter jots down their order.

Hudgens and Kuzma have been piquing the interest of fans as of late with their flirtatious social media activity. Their most recent exchange took place on Jan. 19, when Kuzma posted a picture of himself calmly walking on a basketball court in his Lakers uniform. "Yeaaaa we like thattttt," he captioned the post. "Ya we doooo," Hudgens replied.

Glenn James/National Basketball Association/Getty Images

Before that, Hudgens took to Instagram on Jan. 14 to post a video featuring Kuzma and teammate Lebron James from the Jan. 13 Lakers game she attended. "Ugh @lakers @kingjames @kuz @dwighthoward my heros," she captioned the post alongside a champagne bottle emoji, a trophy emoji, and a heart-eye emoji. To be clear, @kuz is... drum roll please... Kuzma's Instagram account.

News of Hudgens' split from Butler first broke out the same day as she posted the above video. “Vanessa and Austin are officially broken up, and Vanessa has been telling those close to her about their breakup,” a source reportedly told Us Weekly that day. A second source also confirmed the same news to People later the same day.

Needless to say, nobody but Hudgens and Kuzma really know what's going down between them, but the important thing is it looks like Hudgens has found someone whose company she seems to enjoy.