You'll Wanna "Accio" This 'Harry Potter' Makeup Collection At Ulta Beauty SO Fast

Ulta Beauty

Calling all Potterheads: You’ll finally be able to wear your House pride on your face. Ulta Beauty just dropped a Harry Potter-themed collection. Whether you identify as a Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Gryffindor, there is a set for you. The exclusive collection dropped on July 6 on Ulta Beauty’s website and will be in stores on July 26.

“The range includes cosmetics, nail and skincare products, along with bath and body accessories, everything you need for a Hogwarts-inspired look,” the Wizarding World, the official Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Instagram account, posted on Instagram on July 6. In a photoset, the brand showed off Hogwarts-inspired eyeshadow palettes, makeup bags, body lotions, and press-on nails. As of July 7, only the palettes, a slew of lip care products, and a brush kit have been dropped, but rest assured, there’s more to come.

Whether you pride yourself on your cunning, bravery, wits, or kindness, there’s a nine-pan eyeshadow palette inspired by your House’s colors. The Hufflepuff Palette ($16, Ulta Beauty) has soft golds and buttery yellows; Ravenclaw ($16, Ulta Beauty) plays more in the blue spectrum. Gryffindor ($16, Ulta Beauty) is, of course, full of burgundies; meanwhile, Slytherin ($16, Ulta Beauty) has some truly scaly greens. Even with such bold colors, each palette is super wearable and can easily become your go-to for everyday looks.

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There are also some pieces in the Harry Potter x Ulta Beauty collection that I’m not totally convinced were made the Muggle-way. For example, the Bewitching pH Lip Balm ($10, Ulta Beauty) reacts to your skin’s pH to give your lips the perfect shade for you. This could be science, but I’m not convinced.

If that’s not even enough Harry Potter for you, scrunchies, cosmetic bags, body lotion, nail stickers, jelly blush, bath bombs (which, hopefully, will play a mermaid song underwater), sheet masks, and a Felix Felicis body glitter are on the way. Although both the Wizarding World and Ulta Beauty have kept a tight lip on exactly when the rest of the collection will drop, I personally cannot wait until every part of my self-care is magical.

You can shop for the Harry Potter x Ulta Beauty collection on Ulta Beauty’s website now. To check out the pieces already dropped, scroll below. And you better shop fast — some of the pieces have already sold out.