TWICE's Jeongyeon's Hair Evolution Will Leave You Mesmerized

Some of the best groups from this decade have been formed through reality competition shows. It's amazing to look back at the groups during their humble beginnings on television, especially knowing that just one small decision could have changed the entire outcome. I mean, could you imagine if one member backed out or never auditioned in the first place? I shiver just thinking about it. In 2015, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu competed on the Korean reality show Sixteen. Obviously, they all came out on top and formed TWICE, and the rest is history. Since it's been four years since each of the members debuted, their looks have definitely changed over time. TWICE'S Jeongyeon's hair evolution is especially mesmerizing, because each of her styles have been exceptionally beautiful.

Whether her hair is short or long, black or blue, straight or curled, Jeongyeon is able to pull of any and all styles. TWICE's fans — known as ONCE — look up to Jeongyeon for hair inspiration and once you look through her different hair changes throughout the years, you'll understand why. But enough chit-chat, I present you: TWICE's Jeongyeon's hair evolution.

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Entertainment — TWICE's Jeongyeon's Hair Evolution Will Leave You Mesmerized

May 2015: Brown With Long Bangs

Jeongyeon introduced herself to the world on the reality competition show Sixteen. Right from the start, she stood out because of her unique style and short hair. The long bangs covering her eyes also added some nice flair.

July 2015: Side-Swept Bangs

With the competition over, Jeongyeon could finally relax and enjoy being an official member of TWICE. As such, she decided to go natural and style her bangs away from her face, which totally gave her a softer appearance, rather than the I'm-in-it-to-win vibe she had going on during the competition.

October 2015: Red Bowl Cut

The girls of TWICE served some major red looks in their debut music video for "Like Ooh-Ahh (Ooh-Ahh)." While most of the members sported the color on their clothes or accessories, Jeongyeon went all-out and dyed her hair dark red. She also had a bowl-style cut which looked fabulous on her.

January 2016: Dark Brown Bangs

In between TWICE's ""Like Ooh-Ahh (Ooh-Ahh)" debut and their first comeback for "Cheer Up," Jeongyeon went back to a natural color and added bangs again, although her bangs weren't as long or full like when she was on Sixteen.

April 2016: Light Brown Bowl Cut

Jeongyeon went back to the bowl cut for TWICE's first comeback, except this time, she tried out a light-brown color.

March 2017: Ash Brown

Jeongyeon went for an even lighter look this time around when she dyed her hair an ashy-brown shade. You can see in this picture that Jeongyeon's natural dark-brown hair was also poking through underneath.

June 2017: Full-On Blonde

Up until now, fans have seen Jeongyeon as a brunette and a red head, but for the first time, she turned into a blonde and it made her look like a whole new person, especially with the up-do style.

September 2017: Blonde Bob With Bangs

Jeongyeon was still rocking a short 'do, but this time, she had a cute bob with bangs that eventually became a fan-favorite look for ONCE. Those bright red lips only made her blonde hair stand out even more.

October 2017: Brown Half-Ponytail

The bob definitely made a statement, but Jeongyeon decided to go casual for her next style by rocking a brown half-ponytail.

January 2018: Platinum Blonde Bob With Curls

New year, new Jeongyeon. The TWICE member showed off a platinum-blonde style that almost appeared white. Although she still had a bob, she changed things up by curling it at the bottom.

February 2018: Side-Swept Bangs

Whether it's a casual or glamorous style Jeongyeon is going for, she looks good either way. In one of her more chill styles, Jeongyeon showed off some side-swept bangs that gave fans just a glimpse of her forehead.

May 2018: Aqua Blue

She's blue da ba dee da ba daa. Seriously, though. Jeongyeon has either been a brunette or a blonde, but for the first time, she debuted aqua blue hair and it looked down-right gorgeous.

August 2018: Shoulder-Length

What? Jeongyeon with long hair? Fans have gotten so used to seeing her with short styles that her shoulder-length style caught fans sooo off guard, but obviously, they loved it.

November 2018: Shoulder-Length Ombre

Jeongyeon's natural-brown color was coming back, so it gave her hair a blonde-and-brown ombre look. Did you like it? In the words of TWICE themselves, "I'm gonna make this simple for you. You got two choices: Yes or yes!"

December 2018: Sophisticated Brunette

Jeongyeon's brown up-do paired with her gorgeous earrings and dress shirt gave her a totally sophisticated look.

April 2019: Longest, Darkest, And Waviest It's Ever Been

Wow, talk about a major hair change! Jeongyeon decided to keep her natural hair color and boy, did it look gorgeous. Her hair also finally made it all the way down to her chest, which fans have never seen before. She also styled soft curls, which only added to her dramatic hair change.

July 2019: Chestnut Brown Ponytail

Jeongyeon was still a brunette, but she changed things up by dying her hair a lighter shade of brown. She also exchanged the curls for a ponytail, which, paired with her blouse, definitely gave me a sophisticated vibe again.

August 2019: Dark Brown Braids

It's all in the details. Jeongyeon went for a dark-brown shade and styled her hair in braids, which gave her a nice casual appearance.

September 2019: Black Bob

Jeongyeon wowed fans by bringing back her bob, except instead of her usual blonde and brown shades, she experimented with a dark black color. No matter the shade or the style, Jeongyeon can clearly rock anything.

October 2019: Back to Brown With Bangs

The black was nice while it lasted, but Jeongyeon has gone back to brown as usual as of October 2019. She even brought back her bangs.