Tweets About Stella's Super Bowl Commercial With Matt Damon Show Fans Love It


It's Sunday, Feb. 4, and the 52nd Super Bowl at U.S. Bank Stadium has kept us on our toes — along with all of the highly-anticipated commercial breaks. From Pink singing the national anthem and Justin Timberlake's epic halftime show, there are many things we've been looking forward to for this year's Super Bowl. In the midst of all of the commercials, tweets about Stella's Super Bowl commercial with Matt Damon show fans are already behind the powerful messages that came with a few of the ads this year. This Stella Artois ad, in particular, hit the Internet a couple of weeks ago, and the meaning behind it will make you want to get involved as soon as you possibly can.

Damon (who co-founded Water.org) and Stella Artois kicked off this Super Bowl Sunday by sending a powerful message to viewers throughout the country. The duo joined forces prior to the Super Bowl to debut a campaign called “Make Your Super Bowl Party Matter."

The ad truly puts things into perspective. The majority of people in this country are beyond blessed to have water on a daily basis — something that's essential to our survival. It's available to us whenever we want to quench our thirst with a ice cold glass, relax with a good read and some wine in the bath, or take a shower. It's a task that's so effortless, as Damon points out in the commercial, it only requires a quick turn of the tap. We don't really think about it too much, and sometimes, we take it for granted. Heck, you're probably drinking some water right now while you're reading this. Unfortunately, water isn't as simple for everyone to get. In fact it's considered a luxury, which is so heartbreaking.

Fans were quick to share their positive thoughts about Stella's Super Bowl commercial, and are ready to contribute and do their part.

Even celebs backed the cause on social media.

It seems right away that one of the reasons so many people were quick to get behind this ad is how easy it is to get involved. Damon quickly explained how everyone at home watching the Super Bowl can easily take a few moments to purchase a Stella Artois chalice and immediately do their part in helping make the world a better place.

Such a simple thing — clean water at the turn of a tap. It's like magic. It takes no time at all. And yet millions of people in the developing world walk up to six hours everyday for water. This chalice can change that. If just one percent of you watching this buys one, we could give clean water to one million people for five years. Join Stella Artois and Water.org, and help give back their precious time.

By purchasing just one limited edition Stella Artois chalice, you will be supplying someone in an underdeveloped country with clean water for a total of five years.

On Water.org's website, there are options to purchase a limited edition chalice for someone in Mexico, India, or the Philippines. With every single chalice purchased, Water.org will receive $3.13 from Stella Artois.

While you're surrounded by your friends and family on Super Bowl Sunday rocking your team's jersey, snacking on some killer nachos and French fries, and toasting your beers with every touchdown, take a few minutes to sit back, pause, and reflect. You don't have to be in the stands cheering on your team to play your part this Super Bowl Sunday. After all, even though we may be passionately rooting for different teams, we're all really on the same team.

Make your mark on this big game day by addressing the worldwide water crisis head-on with Water.org and Stella Artois. Every bit counts, and you can truly change someone's entire life with your donation(s). #1Chalice5Years.