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Tweets About Sandra Oh's 'Princess Diaries' Role Took Over After Her Emmy Awards Loss

Before she was Cristina Yang and long before she was Eve Polastri, Sandra Oh carved her place in the Disney canon when she appeared as Vice Principal Gupta in 2001's The Princess Diaries. Her time in the movie was limited, but Oh proved she was award-worthy with the scenes she had. At the 2018 Emmy Awards, she fell short of a historic win for her role in BBC America's Killing Eve, but following her loss in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama category, tweets about Sandra Oh's Princess Diaries role took over the internet. In case you missed out on the wonder that was Gupta, you should know that Oh was totally worth being your person before her TV days.

Considered a serious contender throughout awards season and primed to become the first Asian woman to win the Lead Actress in a Drama category, Oh ultimately lost the title to The Crown's Claire Foy. Although the loss was upsetting, Oh has at least another year of Killing Eve to snag her own trophy, but for some fans, this isn't the first time the entertainment industry has cruelly snubbed Oh. On Twitter, people began to joke that Oh was also robbed of an Oscar nomination for her scene-stealing role as Mia Thermopolis' vice principal. From devising school security plans with Mia's bodyguard to reluctantly leading cheerleading practice, Oh's character is a treasure among the movie's adults.

Seeing as Oh lost to Foy's portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, one viewer even pointed out that her loss was written in the cards long ago. Gupta was so starstruck about Julie Andrews' Queen Clarisse coming, remember?

Oh wasn't the only Princess Diaries cast member representing prestigious TV at the Emmy Awards. Although she's now known more as a loving family matriarch on This Is Us, Mandy Moore was a high school mean girl in The Princess Diaries and attended the awards ceremony in support of her castmates and show. Sadly, there's no evidence of Oh and Moore reenacting their lines in the movie's infamous ice cream coning scene. I'm sure Oh would still advise Moore to send out her dress for dry cleaning after their big night out.

Appearing on the red carpet with her adorable parents, Oh also charmed viewers earlier in the night for her reflections on the Killing Eve experience. Speaking to Variety, she said that at the sight of her grown self at the Emmy Awards, "little Sandra" would think, "That it happened. It happens. It happens."

She also previously spoke to Harper's Bazaar about the importance on working on such a female-dominated show, saying:

It is entertaining and thrilling, and I’ve gathered a lot of meaning from it, especially having had a very collaborative working relationship with a team dominated by women. To be able to bring this show to the world, to the people who are messengers like yourself — it reassures me that I’m on the right path.

Forget Meredith Grey, because Sandra Oh is clearly the sun right now. Season 2 of Killing Eve is currently being filmed, and the series will return to BBC America on an unknown date.