People Are Pissed At Kate Over What She Did With Her Dog On 'This Is Us'

by Ani Bundel

Finding out how Jack Pearson died on This Is Us this past Sunday was a kick in the teeth. But even more frustrating, it confirmed what we already suspected. Kate's whole deal about "it's my fault my father died" was a whole lot of narcissistic nonsense. Kate wasn't at fault. Jack went back for the dog because he wanted to, and because he wanted an excuse to save a bunch of things that were important, not just the pup. Which is why when she says she's going to give the dog up, tweets about Kate's dog on This Is Us proved fans were PISSED.

It's one thing to be so short-sighted that you go around insisting it's your fault your father died for decades on end. It's another to learn she took that out on a helpless animal who wasn't at fault. Louis was a dog that adopted the family. Kate decided to take possession of it, but he chose the Pearsons. They took him in. Giving him up because times get emotionally tough shows that Kate might be more narcissistic than we ever realized up until now.

Twitter was just not having it. Even before we had it confirmed that she was giving the dog up for good, they were on her case.

No, Jack did not save the dog so she could give it away. He went back in to be her hero.

Several felt violently about Kate's idea to give up the pup.

Others saw Kate's inability to want to keep the dog a sign that she misunderstood why Jack went back in to save him, which her scene with Rebecca confirmed. All Kate could hear was "Jack died because he went back inside," so she could start blaming herself.

Others looked at the big picture and how the entire family has gone into self-destruct mode in the wake of grief.

Others couldn't understand that grief works in freaky ways and that sometimes the mind gets stuck on something seemingly weird on the way to a hard moment.

Other started threatening the show.

Others pointed out that Jack didn't just go back in for the dog. (Which, as we pointed out above, is correct.) So, Kate wanting to get rid of the dog, though terrible for the dog, isn't really a big lap in her father's memory. It's more of a medium-sized one.

Others saw this as proof that Kate is one of the worst characters along with Kevin.

Others just cursed her name.

There were a few (a very few) who actually felt like Louis needs to be the one to go. Clearly they never had dogs.

Others were just blunt.

Meanwhile, some were upset by Kevin's outburst at the funeral that Randall should have stopped their dad from going back in....when he couldn't even be bothered to be there.

Others just laid on the ground and cried. (Can you blame them? This entire episode hurts.)

While the smartest among fans pointed out the truth: Jack would never want Kate to give up the dog at all. He would have wanted her to love that dog for the rest of her days (or the rest of the dog's days).

And that keeping Louis would be Kate's best way to keep the last bits of her father.

Will Kate keep the dog, or will she get rid of it after the funeral is over? Knowing that by her 20s she's living without a dog, and seems to have no tokens of ever having Louis, it's a pretty good guess that she makes the terrible choice to send Louis back to the shelter in a fit of short-sighted grief. Fans would like to believe differently, but the truth is we know both Kevin and Kate made majorly bad life choices in the next few years. (Randall on the other hand found Beth, because he's a smart man.) So, perhaps it's time to say goodbye, not just to Jack, but Louis, too.