Try These 42 Genius Products On Amazon Once & You'll Never Go Back

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The best way to become a loyal fan of a product is by trying it out for yourself and seeing what all of the fuss is about. And reviewers agree: try these 42 genius products on Amazon once and you'll never go back.

Some innovative products are just begging to be used over and over again. These smart and practical products are as useful as items can get. Whether you're searching for a way to remove dust from lighting fixtures without having to stand on chairs or need a pair of workout leggings with actual pockets that are large enough to actually fit a phone, you'll find what you need on this list.

Hundreds and even thousands of reviewers have flipped so hard over these products that they've taken to writing reviews about how they can't imagine living without them. Pet owners are over the moon about a pet bathing gadget that combines a water spray and gentle, massaging shampoo brush in one soothing tool. Beauty lovers can't start their day without cooling eye masks and the most amazing, unique tattoo eyebrow pencil with a prong applicator that mimics the effect of microblading.

And there are plenty of cooking gadgets, home goods, wellness tools, and organizational goodies on this list that will also win you over.

Find what you need, try it once, and you'll agree: you'll never go back again.

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