Sarah & Todd Palin Are Reportedly Getting Divorced, So Pour One Out

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The year 2019 has ended a lot of strong relationships, but get ready for the biggest plot twist yet. According to a Monday, Sept. 12 report from The Anchorage Daily News, Sarah and Todd Palin are divorcing. Elite Daily reached out to representatives of both Sarah and Todd Palin for comment or confirmation on the reports, but did not immediately hear back. Here lies yet another strong relationship.

On Monday, Sept. 12, Alaskan newspaper The Anchorage Daily reported that Todd Palin has filed for divorce from former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. They have been together for 31 years. According to Anchorage Daily, Todd Palin filed for divorce on Friday, Sept. 6 in Anchorage Supreme Court, where he reportedly cited "incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife" as reason for the separation. The couple has five children all together, but four are adults. Seeing as their youngest child is a minor, Anchorage Daily reports that Todd Palin's divorce filing asks for joint legal custody of their son.

The Palin family gained notoriety in 2008, when the Alaska governor ran as John McCain's vice presidential nominee during the 2008 presidential election against President Barack Obama. The Palin family often appeared at interviews and press events together, holding each others hands through the whole process. However, Palin and McCain lost the election to President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in 2008. Not shortly after, Palin resigned as governor of Alaska in 2009.

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News of the couple's separation is probably shocking to most, especially seeing as the two were high school sweethearts while attending Wasilla High School. They eventually eloped in 1988 and the Palin dynamic duo was born. Seriously, that's the kind of stuff you read about in young adult romance novels. Twilight, eat your heart out.

Hey, relationships sometimes don't work out. It happens. However, the Palin family apparently had big future plans ahead before things reportedly were derailed. In September 2018, both Todd and Sarah Palin spoke to The Daily Mail about apparent plans to move out of their hometown Wasilla, Alaska, with their family. According to the former governor, she and her husband wanted to "do more" now that their kids are growing up. She said,

We're not going to be holed up in Wasilla, Alaska, the rest of our life. We both feel that in our bones. This is always our home, but we're ready to bust out and do a lot more even than what we're doing now especially with the kids getting older, and things are getting easier in terms of travel and logistics.

Sarah Palin also insinuated that Todd has been pushing for a change of scenery for a while. "He's more driven than I am to bust out and get some things done," Palin told The Daily Mail.

Well, I guess change is on the horizon for these two — just maybe not in the way they would have hoped. Even if reports claim that the couple is separating, they certainly made a strong team while it lasted.