This Big Proposal Scene On 'This Is Us' Was Too Perfect For Words

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us promised us a wedding this week, but it turned out to be just a fake out. And of course it was. Did you really thing NBC's most popular show would skip out on the chance to stage a massive wedding with Chrissy Metz in the center? Instead, they gave us a Toby and Kate wedding proposal on This Is Us that cost at least $200 not to mention rush charges, because that was a lot of custom hoodies to have made in an extreme hurry.

Kevin's chat with Jack's urn was a heartfelt one, but the real answer was in front of us the moment Kate started to talk about how she didn't want all that big wedding stuff anyway. If there's one thing that drives fans nuts about Toby (in both a good and bad way) is that when Kate says "I don't really want this anyway" his immediate reaction is to give it to her in spades. She doesn't want a wedding dress? He'll make her wear the priciest one on the block.

And really, so will NBC, with Kevin and Randall standing on either side of her looking like a family portrait to send to the Emmys next year. Say cheese!

Kate wasn't the only one on Twitter crying her eyes out over Toby's proposal to have the NBC wedding of the year to the tune of "Time After Time." So was all of Twitter.

Although sometimes it seems like Toby bullies Kate into being the person he wants her to be... the best Toby is nervous "I just called my mom until she decided to hang up and call a priest" Toby.

You laugh, but they don't call this "#TissueTuesday" for nothing. Heck, This Is Us' emoticon is a box of tissues. Embrace the tears!

I will agree that everyone deserves someone who can see through them and their internalized BS. But an actual Toby? I think the beard trend has gone far enough without every man in the world sporting one, don't you?

No, it's OK that he's crazy. Talking to an Urn is totally crazy. (I actually address the one with my dad's ashes above my yarn stash when I don't actually expect anyone to answer.)

Actually, this is where I stop agreeing with Twitter. No, Toby is not like Jack. And that's a *very good thing.*

One of the most striking scenes tonight was Kevin, running to buy a handful of engagement rings after finding out that Kate and Toby were expecting because he couldn't bare to think he was getting left behind in the marriage and family race. He was clearly high off his gourd on drugs and sloppily throwing around money he doesn't have because he's trying to make the big, dumb gesture. A call back to the scene in the bar at in the season premiere when Jack is trying to get Rebecca a solo slot to make it up to her for screwing up her chance at a music career – a big sloppy drunk gesture.

You know what Kate doesn't need in her life? That. Kate may idolize her father, but she's lucky, because she's not going to marry a man just like him. And that breaking of the cycle, to me, is the most beautiful thing of all.

Ok, lecture over, let's get back to the happy stuff.

No, seriously, I was really glad Toby admitted how much all those custom hoodies cost. Because until he did, I was about to spent the entire scene wondering if Kate and Toby's next episode would feature them opening a custom tee shirt and hoodie business together. It was the only logical explanation!