8 Tips For Incorporating Water Into Your Sex Life This Summer

by Ginny Hogan
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Summer is here, and you're drenched. I don't just mean from the sweat (although, let's be honest — that too). You're in pools and on beaches and running through fountains, tapping back into your days of youth on the playground. It's summer, it's wet, and it's sexy. And if you love water, you can take it to the bedroom this summer. If you want to incorporate water into your sex life this summer, I have some tips for you.

Water in the bedroom can be a ton of fun. After all, liquid and wetness can represent some sexual pleasure (though not all of it, and wetness doesn't necessarily mean that you're enjoying a sexual encounter). Also, having a cup of water near the bed can be helpful if you're, you know, doing a lot of work with your mouth. Anyone who's ever seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High knows that the scene where Phoebe Cates emerges from the pool is just about the sexiest thing of all time (and I say that as a straight woman). Water, paradoxically, is hot, and it can certainly spice up your bedroom experience this summer (although, if it gets too spicy, try milk — it calms your mouth down faster).

Read on to find eight tips for incorporating water into your sex life this summer.

Pour It On Your Partner's Forehead When They're Sweating

If you're having a fast-paced sex session in the heat, your partner might need a cool-down. Slowly drip water on their sweaty foreheads to help them recover, and you might find that both of your energies spike.

Chug Water, Then Lick Their Stomach

There's nothing quite like the taste of a well-hydrated tongue upon a human stomach (I also like flan, but we can have two favorite flavors). Lick your partner starting at their navel all way up to their neck — you may find that both of you become deeply aroused.

Put It On Your Hands And Run Your Hands Through Their Hair

It's like a mix of a massage and hair gel, but without the 90s vibe. Get your hands wet, and then use those same hands to cool down your partner's head (note: this works if your partner doesn't have hair — so many different types of people like the feeling of hands on their head, it's relaxing). You get all the sensation of running your hands through your partner's hair, and then some!

Just Drink More Of It

This is more for what you should do outside the bedroom, but water makes everything better. You'll have more energy, better skin, and a better hydrated — well, I think you know. Water inside your body lets you enjoy other things going on inside and outside your body, so drink up!

Make Out In A Hot Tub

Water doesn't have to be cold to be hot. Hot water is hot too (have I made this joke enough?). Get in a steaming hot hot tub with your partner, and get some steaming hot make-out sessions going. However, you do run the risk of getting a UTI if you have sex in a hot tub, so proceed at your own risk!

Make Love In A Pool

Take it up a notch from hot-tubbing. Some parts of intercourse in a pool are challenging, but you may also love some of the other aspects — the fact that you're floating, for example. If you've never tried sex in a pool, and you have access to a private one (or a sense of adventure!), this summer could be the time to explore! Be aware that sex in a pool can also lead to UTIs, and condoms may be less effective, so consider keeping your pool sex limited to non-penetrative sex.

Put Ice Cubes On Their Chest

Water comes in several forms — ice, liquid, and gas. While sure, you could probably have a blast with liquid nitrogen, I wanted to suggest something you can prep at home. The mix of heat from within the body and ice from outside is so, so sexy (plus, if you scoop the cubes up in time, your bed won't get wet).

Shower Together

A classic, but for a good reason. You and your partner can find some water-time even if you're without a pool just by climbing in the shower together. Lather each other up (it's dirty, but it's clean, too). Then rinse, repeat, and enjoy!

Summer's here, and it's so very, very sexy. Whether you're somewhere hot and humid or kickin' it on a breezy island, you can make time for water-play this summer (if that's what you're interested in). If you and your partner want water in your sex lives, take these tips, and just remember to keep it sexy, wet, and fun!

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