Tinder Online Is About To Change The Way You Work

By Abigail Cardi

Here’s the thing: As much as we try, we can’t concentrate on one thing for all that long. Even though an eight-hour workday is considered typical, it’s virtually impossible for us to look at spreadsheets and emails for that long and still remain productive.

According to a recent study, the ideal work-to-break ratio is 52 minutes of work, followed by 17 minutes of rest. And if you’ve ever worked a nine-to-five, you know even that ratio is, well, generous.

So what's a girl to do with that precious 17 minutes of work-free bliss? There are quite a few options: You can chat online with your bestie who lives across the country, you can online shop for stuff you (probably) don’t need, or you can look for the love of your life. It’s your call, really.

Earlier this year, Tinder introduced Tinder Online, which allows users to access their accounts (and their potential matches) from their favorite internet-enabled device. That’s right — whether you’re browsing your laptop on the couch or stuck on your desktop at work, you can swipe, match, and chat to your heart's desire.

To show you exactly how it’s done, Tinder partnered with social media star Amanda Cerny to create a series of seriously funny videos about being in #workmode on Tinder. Check out the first one below to see how Tinder Online will change the way you work; might as well start getting ready for your next great date, too.

This post is sponsored by Tinder.