Your Next Cup Of Tim Hortons Coffee Could Win You A Jeep Compass

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

Coffee is a precious gift, IMO. It provides me with the caffeine I need to use my brain in the morning and keeps me charged up when that afternoon slump starts to sneak in. Although, there's now more to coffee than just a caffeine boost, thanks to Tim Hortons' Roll Up The Rim game. Your next cup of java could give you a shot at winning millions of awesome prizes.

Remember Tim Hortons' Roll Up The Rim game? Well, as you've probably guessed, it's back for another year. That means there's another chance for you to strike it big and win some of the more than 2.7 million prizes that are up for grabs, per Tim Hortons. The contest, which has been around for more than 30 years, kicks off on Wednesday, Feb. 6. The contest ends on Wednesday, March 13 or until Tim Hortons' supply of Roll Up The Rim coffee cups run out, according to the company.

“After 33 years of Roll Up the Rim, we’re thrilled to share these new and exciting prizes with our guests,” Shawn Thompson, President Tim Hortons U.S., said in a press release. “This year, we’re giving away more prizes than ever, and our guests have a one in six chance of winning coffee and food prizes. Just don’t forget to Roll Up The Rim.”

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

The game is super easy to play. All you have to do is purchase a cup of freshly brewed coffee, handcrafted espresso beverage, or hot chocolate from Tim Hortons. Only drinks that are ordered in medium, large, or extra-large cups will include a chance to win. Once you're done drinking, roll up the rim of the cup to reveal your possible winnings.

There are more than $4 million in prizes available during the Roll Up The Rim game, and you're going to want to win them all. Tim Hortons is giving out millions of prizes over the next five weeks. Here are just a handful of the prizes you could win after polishing off your next cup of coffee from Tim Hortons:

  • One Jeep Compass Latitude 4X4
  • 10 $2,500 prepaid cards
  • 25 free Coffee for a Year cards
  • 400 $50 Tim Cards

There are also more than 2.5 million coffee and food prizes available, too. Since your odds of victory are about one in six, you've got a pretty fair shot at eventually winning something. Honestly, I would love to win $2,500 in prepaid cards, but free coffee isn't so bad either. Although the contest wraps up on Wednesday, March 13 (or while supplies last, whichever comes first), you can redeem your winnings until Friday, May 3, according to Tim Hortons.

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Now, there are a few preconditions from Tim Hortons I want to go over real quick. The contest is open to all legal U.S. residents except for those residing in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Puerto Rico. You don't need to make a purchase to win. Finally, you can only redeem one prize during each visit. Although, I recommend reading the rules and terms of conditions in full before playing. That way that aren't any unwelcome surprises when you go to claim your winnings.

Good luck out there.