OK, We Need To Break Down This Complicated Theory About Aaron Paul's 'Westworld' Character

by Ani Bundel

Westworld is a show built on mystery. From the first season's double timeline in the park to Season 2's out of sequence story arc for Bernard, the series has been a font for Reddit conspiracy theorists. But the new season, Westworld III, could be fans' undoing. For the first time, the show has left the parks of Delos behind, and headed out into the real world, circa 2050. But has it? Are the humans Dolores finds on the outside any more real than she is? This Westworld theory about Aaron Paul's character suggests that come viewers are inclined to think they won't be.

The latest idea is that the people Dolores meets once she leaves the park aren't all accidental. One of them, Caleb (Aaron Paul), might even be someone to whom she's related. The idea that Caleb is a host has been running rampant since the most recent trailer. There's a shot of him lying in bed that echos the Dolores wake up in the park every time she reset in Season 1. And in interviews, Paul has said that he and Dolores hit it off because their stories are so "similar."

That's led to one of the most twisted ideas in Westworld yet: Caleb is Dolores' son. Not that hosts give birth, but Ford referred to those in the park as his children. Dolores could build Caleb out of the best parts of herself and Teddy, to carry on the work.

The theory becomes even more twisted when one considers this hidden trailer is edited to look like Dolores and Caleb are in a Bonnie-and-Clyde style romance.

It would make for a heck of a twist. But chances are, that's not where the show is heading.

Westworld has, since its inception, attempted to hold a mirror up to our present-day and carry our current technology to its most ugly, yet logical endpoint. Westworld the park is a violent videogame, writ large. It's also a condemnation of "the one-percent" as the rich exploit natural resources to satisfy their most primal urges. Season 2 turned Delos into a parable of Facebook, where the user's data is the end product. It went so far as to create an actual library in the Season 2 finale, where the data mined lives of each park user were turned into books.

Chances are, Paul's comment about Dolores and Caleb having so much in common isn't about him being a host. It's about the real world becoming like a video game. Or how technology keeps humans on modest little loops within their own lives, much like the one Dolores spent so many decades following herself.

But then again, this is Westworld, where even Stubbs turned out to be a host in the Season 2 finale. Perhaps those seeing hosts around every corner are the ones with their eyes open.

Westworld III premieres on Sunday, Mar. 15, at 9 p.m. ET.