The Walmart Yodeling Kid Is The Meme You NEED To Dress Up As For Halloween

Halloween isn't only a time to be spooky. It's also a time to mimic the most popular memes of the year — and anyone who's been paying attention to viral content on the internet in 2018 definitely knows who the Walmart Yodeling Kid is. The 11-year old yodeler — aka Mason Ramsey — went viral after a video of himself singing "Lovesick Blues" in an Illinois Walmart hit the web. After getting over 58 million streams on YouTube, Ramsey deserves a Halloween costume to be made in his honor. Thankfully, making a Walmart Yodeling Kid Halloween costume is super easy to do.

If you need some extra inspiration, go ahead and watch Ramsey's video again. As you can see, his outfit is simple and easy to replicate if you have the right supplies. However, if you're hoping to really act like the Walmart Yodeling Kid at your friend's Halloween party, you might want to consider taking a few singing lessons. I guarantee you that when the DJ stops at your spooky bash, your friends are gonna pass you the mic to show off those yodeling skills.

Regardless of whether you can perform or not, you'll still want to show off the country-western look that Ramsey pulls off.

White Button-Down Shirt

As you can see, Ramsey's getup features a white button-down shirt. You can order one from Amazon for less than $20 and wear it for Halloween. All you'll have to do is dress it up with other country accessories.

After Halloween is over, you can keep the shirt and wear it to work. It's a total win-win.

Red Bow Tie
Party City

In my opinion, the red bow tie is the most important part of this costume. You can buy this simple (and necessary) accessory at Party City for only $3.99.

Blue Jeans
Urban Outfitters

If you're going to buy a new pair of blue jeans for your costume, you might as well treat yourself to a nice pair that's going to last a while. Personally, I love Urban Outfitters' BDG jeans. (Seriously, whenever I splurge on a pair, they last for years.) If you're into them, you can buy this pair for $69.99.

But if you already have a pair of blue jeans in your closet, save some money and throw 'em on.

A Belt Buckle

In order to really pull off Ramsey's look, you're going to need a belt and a belt buckle. In his video, the young yodeler is wearing a brown belt — and you can buy one on Amazon for $7.99.

Once you have your belt, you'll need to dress it up with a western buckle. This Scalop Square Steer Buckle on Amazon is only $12.50, and it's the perfect addition to your outfit.

Black Cowboy Boots

To complete your Walmart Yodeling Kid Halloween Costume, you'll need to purchase a pair of black cowboy boots. You can find these Miami Cowboy Western Boots on Amazon for $40. That's a pretty good deal if you're planning on wearing them after Halloween (I know I would).

A Guitar

If you want to take your costume to the next level, go ahead and wear a guitar to your Halloween party. If you don't have an extra acoustic available, you can purchase a blow-up guitar on Amazon for about $5.

Now that you have your Walmart Yodeling Kid Halloween look planned out, take some yodeling lessons. There's still time.