This Beloved Mailman's Final Route Ended With A Retirement Party That'll Warm Your Heart

OK, everyone: Twitter is feeling *extra* emotional, and it's not over a viral pet video or a swoon-worthy tweet. Instead, it's over a viral thread about a mailman's retirement party. The thread — which was originally posted by Jennifer Brett on Wednesday, May 22 — follows a 61-year-old mailman named Floyd Martin on his very last route. As you could probably imagine, his final route was a super emotional one full of hugs, farewell signs, and a block party in his honor. You could say that Martin is a true celeb, and both neighbors and netizens alike are sharing the love.

I'm going to take it from the top, so buckle up. Brett's initial tweets about Martin share his background in the USPS world, and his dedication toward his career will totally warm your heart. Apparently, the now-retired mailman was on his route for "nearly 35 years" and made tons of friends along the way. I'm not only talking about human friends, either. I'm also talking about furry friends, because Martin was known for feeding residents' cats and dogs while he was working. With that being said, he was a friendly neighborhood companion who treated everyone on his route — both humans and animals — like family.

According to one of Brett's tweets, Martin decided that summer 2018 would be his last in the mail truck. Since then, it seems like those who live along his route have been preparing for his final run —  because they went above and beyond to make sure it was a special one.

During the final mail trip, Brett pointed out that people of the neighborhood decorated their mailboxes for Martin. One mailbox featured a heart with the name "Floyd" written on it, and another held a personal letter that wished Martin the best. Between those signs alone, it's obvious that people appreciated his hard work and companionship.

TBH, my heart is so full right now.

Anyway, that's not where the cuteness ends. After Martin's shift was over, his entire neighborhood threw him a retirement block party (!!!). There, people on his route brought food and posed for pictures with him (and I mean a lot of pictures).

Like I said, Martin's a celebrity.

Not only was he posing for pictures with neighborhood residents, but he was also giving them hugs and having conversations with them.

The tweet that made me shed a tear was one that showed Martin giving a speech at the party. During his moment in the spotlight, he said, "I love you guys; I say that and I mean it." Martin continued, "That's what the world needs more of now is love, and caring, and compassion, and taking care of one another." He then urged partygoers to "continue to take care of each other" and to smile when they think of him.

Yup, I'm crying again.

To make Martin's send-off even more emotional, neighbors on his route put a GoFundMe page together so he could visit Hawaii, which is something that he's been wanting to do. So far, the page has surpassed its goal of $5,000, proving how much Martin is loved by the community he served.