Wonho sits down for a round of trivia with Elite Daily.

We Quizzed Wonho On How Well He Knows Himself & It's Required Viewing For Wenee


In just a few short years, Wonho has had the musical journey most can only dream of. After an incredibly successful run as a member of the K-Pop band Monsta X from 2015 to 2019, he amicably went solo and built a successful career making music that's entirely his own. His sophomore mini-album, Love Synonym Pt.2: Right for Us, arrived in February and featured the fan-favorite lead single "Lose." His devoted Wenee know every lyric, and they also know an astounding amount about Wonho's life in general. The real question, though, is how well does Wonho know himself? This video of Wonho answering trivia questions about himself is the ultimate walk down memory lane.

Wonho sat down with Elite Daily for a round of trivia all about his expansive career. Given that he has so many releases under his belt, it wasn't exactly easy for him to keep track of it all. For example, when Wonho was asked what his most-watched video on his YouTube channel is, he wasn't sure. He guessed it was a video from when he released his first mini-album, Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me, but he couldn't name a specific title. The answer? His September 2020 video for "Open Mind" (which has 18 million views and counting!).

Next up, Wonho was asked how many different outfits he wore in his "Lose" music video. Wonho's answer may have been far off the mark, but he was sure to say how important stylistic choices are in his music videos. "I wanted to show my fans more of an intense side of me and my stylist team helped me to choose the best outfits to match the music video vibes," he said.

The first two questions might have stumped Wonho, but when asked if he could name a celebrity who shares his birthday, he revealed he knew he was born on the same day as one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

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All in all, Wonho shared a lot of intel, but you'll have to watch the video above to unpack it all. He explained his hair color history, detailed the one food he does not enjoy, and talked about what he has coming up for the rest of the year. The biggest takeaway of all? Fans may know Wonho even better than he knows himself.