This Clip Of Steve Carell Scaring Jenna Fischer On 'Busy Tonight' Is Everything You Need

by Ani Bundel
E!/Jordin Althaus

In the wake of Chelsea Handler decamping for Netflix, E! has brought aboard a new late-night series, Busy Tonight starring Busy Phillips. The show originally debuted back in October of last year at 10 p.m. but has really caught on as an 11 p.m. late-night alternative since it moved back an hour in January of this year. Fans of The Office will love this footage from the latest episode, where Phillips catches up with Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer.

Phillips' actual guest was technically Fischer, not Carell. Ostensibly, Fischer was there as part of promoting her newest series, Splitting Up Together, the second season of which is currently airing on ABC. As far as Phillips was concerned, her guest was there as part of celebrating her birthday a week early. (Fischer was born on March 7.)

Phillips had an entire line-up of cardboard boxes containing gifts from Fischer's former Office co-stars, including Ellie Kemper, Angela Kinsey, and Ed Helms. They included (but were not limited to) a package of raisin crisps, a shirt with a loaf of bread on it, and a banjo.

However, when the biggest box was wheeled out, Fischer was not expected the present inside. Check out what is the best unboxing video you'll see all week.

Fischer nearly falling over when Carell came out of the box was worth every minute. Phillips was pleased with herself: “We got you, Steve Carell!”

Fischer, on the other hand, responded in perhaps the most Office-like way imaginable:

I wasn’t expecting a human being to be in the box, and then on top of that, I was not expecting that human being to be Steve.

Very few of us expect to receive Steve Carell as a birthday gift, but I'm pretty sure I'll be a little more wary about possible Steve Carells packed inside boxes from now on, and request everything shipped from Amazon have air holes.

With Carell on set and gifts from her other former co-Office workers arrayed around her, Fischer declared this an impromptu The Office reunion.

E!/Jordin Althaus

As for a reboot of The Office, neither actor was very forthcoming on the subject. To be fair, Fischer was still recuperating from the shock of her life over finding Carell in a box. Carell was also recovering, from having sat in the box for the entire early part of the show, silently unmoving, so as not to give away the surprise.

Phillips valiantly tried to get an answer anyway, until Fischer shut it down with the announcement this was it. “We’re doing it right now!” This is sad news for fans of The Office who are hoping for at least a reunion special, if not a full on Will & Grace style reboot. But most of the cast has moved on to new series and successful careers, making it doubtful they have time to come back and reprise their Office characters, even if they wanted to.

Busy Tonight airs Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. ET on E!