Prince Harry Seemingly Pitching Meghan To Disney CEO Bob Iger

Prince Harry May Have Pitched Meghan To Disney In This Resurfaced Video


There's nothing like a super supportive significant other, and Prince Harry is just that. He's been Meghan Markle's biggest cheerleader since the moment they became an item. He's championed her philanthropic work, praised her parenting skills, and he's even put in a good word for his wife and former actor with one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, according to this resurfaced video of Prince Harry seemingly pitching Meghan Markle to Disney.

On Jan. 11, The Times reported Meghan signed a deal to do voiceover work for Disney, for an unknown project. Markle is said to have agreed to do so in exchange for a donation to a wildlife charity called Elephants Without Borders (Markle's reps and Disney did not respond to Elite Daily's previous request for confirmation of the report).

However, this video may be all Markle's fans need to verify the Suits alum is, in fact, returning to the silver screen, even if it is just her voice. In this clip, which is going viral all over Twitter and Instagram, Prince Harry seemed to pitch Markle's voice-acting skills to Disney CEO Bob Iger at The Lion King premiere all the way back on July 19, 2019. (P.S. This was all while Markle chatted with Beyoncé and Jay-Z a foot away.)

Anyway, Prince Harry seemed to say to Iger, "You know she does voiceovers?" to which Bob Iger replied, "Oh really? Ah." Then Harry asked, "Did you know that?" and Bob said, "I did not know that." So, Prince Harry, being the epitome of husband goals, said, "You seemed surprised, but yeah, she's really interested." Then Bob replied, "Sure...we'd love to try." Now, that is networking at its finest, people.

To be fair, the audio in this clip is incredibly low and Prince Harry is nearly inaudible, so the video could be doctored. Elite Daily reached out to Prince Harry and Markle's reps for comment on the video, but did not hear back.

However, it doesn't hurt to hope the Duchess of Sussex is cooking up something major with Disney — or any other entertainment company, for that matter. Honestly, they would be lucky to have her. She's such a talent and her voiceovers are smooth AF.