Fans Are All Saying One Thing After Leaned Over Queen Bey At An NBA Game

by Hollee Actman Becker
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

In case you didn't catch the Golden State Warriors playing the Toronto Raptors in Game 3 of the NBA finals on June 5 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, here's what you need to know: The Raptors won, and Jay-Z and Beyoncé were there. That second part is what's really important though, because Queen Bey looked pissed AF while sitting in her court-side seat. And it probably wasn't only because she's a die-hard Warriors fan and hated to see them lose. See, there's a video of Nicole Curran leaning over Beyoncé during the game, and it's going mad viral right now because Sasha Fierce is serving up some serious side-eye in it.

OK, so who is Nicole Curran? It's totally fine if you don't know because TBH I didn't either. Turns out she's not just some rando wearing a killer pair of sparkly, thigh-high gold boots. She's the Warriors owner's wife wearing a killer pair of sparkly, thigh-high gold boots. And from the looks of this now-viral clip making the rounds, she really, really wanted to talk to Jay-Z. So much so that she dared to lean right over Beyoncé to do it.

No surprise, the Beyhive is currently flipping out on social media over the incident, and because it's 2019 and all, they've gone and given the whole debacle the meme treatment.

Here's a video of Jay and Bey at the game, with a special guest appearance by Curran:

Dayummm, Bey!

And here's a wide shot of the action, so we can all check out Beyoncé's body language. She's got her back to Curran with her legs angled towards her husband, as if to say, "Be gone-cé!"

Check it out:

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Honestly, I respect this. Who scores a seat next to Beyoncé and then has the nerve to skip right over her to try and talk to Jay-Z instead? I seriously don't get it. And neither do Bey's fans, who have sent out the most hilarious tweets in the wake of the lean-over seen 'round the world.

Some of the funniest include: "I would leave the earth if Beyonce looked this ready to smack me," and, "This Becky with the good hair bout to get her wig split." But there are so many more that these babies could legit keep you entertained for hours.

Here's a sample:

Meanwhile, in the wake of the whole incident, Curran — who I'm sure is a very nice woman who was probs just talking to Jay-Z about the game or maybe about the fact that he's now a freaking billionaire — had to turn off the comments on her Instagram feed after the Beyhive flooded it with bee emojis.

She's still posting, though. In response to the whole debacle, Curran uploaded an image of herself actually touching Beyoncé during the game. The post — which has since been deleted — looked like a screengrab from her laptop or something, and in the caption, she wrote: "We should all help and support each other."

Instagram/Nicole Curran

Well played.

Oh, and here's a close-up pic of those sparkly gold boots on their way to the Bay Area arena:

Instagram/Nicole Curran

She put Hamilton lyrics in her caption, you guys! I stan a second queen and I'm calling her Queen Bay.

Don't @ me, OK?