'Bachelor's Hannah G. Got Her Makeup Done By Manny MUA & Dylan In The CUTEST Video


If you’re dying to find out who The Bachelor’s Peter Weber picks to be his future bride, I don’t have the answer for you. But the Bachelor-related news I can tell you is that Manny MUA and Dylan Barbour did Hannah Godwin’s makeup on Thursday, March 5, and the video is so cute. In it, Barbour and Godwin talk about their time on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 and their engagement, while beauty YouTuber Manny and Barbour face off in a glam battle.

“You are just so naturally beautiful,” Barbour says to Godwin at the start of the video. They all proceed to spend a healthy minute complimenting each other and fangirling; there could not be more love in the room. But, it’s a competition, and Manny and Barbour each glam up half of Godwin’s face. As they start with applying foundation, Godwin and Barbour describe how they first met through their agent in L.A. before falling in love on the show and what their post-Bachelor in Paradise life was like in the beginning.

“We couldn’t even hang out in public, so then we ended up buying wigs,” Godwin says of their post-filming life. “I had a blond wig,” Barbour adds as he very gently swipes the foundation over Godwin’s face, though he almost doesn’t apply it to the upper lip, or on several parts of her face, for that matter.

“Dyl, maybe I’ll hire you as a new makeup artist,” Godwin says with a certain level of surprise. Soon after she says this, he tries to blend her concealer with its application stick instead of a beauty sponge, so Godwin might wanna reconsider that one. Once he grabs the blender and is back on track, Manny asks the couple about the level of staging on the Bachelor, to which Barbour replies confidently, “How you react to everything is up to you, but you can be put in situations that are orchestrated. What you say is what you say.”

Eventually, Barbour creates a whole new highlighter look that the trio dubs the “waterfall effect,” which involves essentially all of Godwin’s cheek being covered in glitter. During the eyebrow penciling stage, Godwin reveals that she’s friends with current Bachelor contestant Hannah Ann, though she says she doesn’t know if Peter ends up with her or not. While she may not know Peter's fate, she does know that she and Barbour are still getting married. “I’ll do your makeup for the wedding,” Manny says at one of the cutest parts of the video. Godwin then reveals that they will probably get married in 2022, but it’s still up in the air.

Barbour's eyeliner skills are up in the air, too... as are the literal ridges he gives Godwin's eyeliner wing. But, he gets it back together with some amazing mascara swoops. “I never want this to be done,” Godwin says, and I can only guess she's referring a single half of her face. While there’s one clear winner at the end the video, Barbour definitely put in a good effort. Let’s just hope he’s better at wedding planning than he is at doing Godwin's makeup.