Watch KJ Apa Surprise ‘Riverdale’ Fans In This Wholesome AF Video

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

KJ Apa may be one of the most beloved actors on TV right now, but he hasn't let stardom harden him. Fans quickly fell in love with Apa in 2017 as Archie Andrews on Riverdale, and since then, stans have grown fond of him off-screen, too. With over 17 million followers on Instagram, it's clear his popularity is soaring, and for good reason. This video of KJ Apa surprising Riverdale fans will bring joy to your heart.

Ahead of his Monday, Feb. 17, appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Apa surprised fans backstage and their reactions were so priceless. The first group of girls Apa surprised were explaining the reasons they adore him, with one saying it's because of "his heart" and that he "has good relationships" with everyone on the show. Following her kind words, Apa walked behind the unsuspecting fans and gently put his arms around them.

The sweetest part of the first surprise might have been that Apa even revealed his heart was beating fast and he was just as nervous to meet his fans as they were to meet him.

The second group of fans got more of a scare from Apa as he popped out from behind them, causing them to jump. The surprises continued for a few more groups, and you can watch all the excitement below.

The fun didn't end there, either. During Apa's interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she showed viewers the hilarious video he made for her birthday last month. The clip showed Apa standing with his shirt off as he sent well wishes to DeGeneres. As the video came to an end, a peach emoji could be seen strategically placed over Apa's bare butt in the mirror.

"I knew immediately after I did that, I knew I had the best video out of all the videos," Apa said, blushing.

As DeGeneres often does, she had someone hiding to surprise Apa mid-interview, and it worked like a charm. Check out the moment below.

Apa's interview with DeGeneres is sure to gain him even more fans than ever before, and it is easy to see why everyone is falling in love with the Riverdale star.