You'll Get FOMO Watching This Video Of Emma Chamberlain & Karlie Kloss Hanging Out In Paris


The most epic YouTube collaboration just happened and it took place in a car. In Paris. With Karlie Kloss and Emma Chamberlain at the center of it. These two spent a morning driving around Paris together and trust me when I say that lots of shenanigans ensued. From visiting an American bakery to getting photographed by the paparazzi, these two girls had a ton of fun. The video of Emma Chamberlain and Karlie Kloss hanging out in Paris will probably make you wish you’d been there, too.

Kloss and Chamberlain filmed the video for Kloss's YouTube channel during Paris Fashion week, which is probably one of the busiest weeks ever in Paris. So, I’m sure filming was a challenge, but they both handled it like pros!

The video starts off with Kloss picking Chamberlain up at her hotel, which she casually mentions is Le Bristol Paris. Fancy! Once Chamberlain is in the car, she and Kloss are off on an expedition of Paris and all it has to offer. Early on in the video, Kloss chats with Chamberlain about all her favorite places in Paris, like museums and such. That conversation brings them to a bakery that Kloss frequents when she’s in town... because who wants to navigate the busy streets of Paris without some sweets on hand? While they’re in said bakery, the two sample some of the goods and then head out to their car with a ton of cookies, brownies, and other treats in tow.

This is the point in the video where things get wild. Just outside the bakery, Kloss and Chamberlain are stopped by paparazzi and they literally just stand there eating their treats while the photographers snap some pics. It’s definitely a funny scene and shows how good-humored these two are!

You can check out all of Karlie and Emma’s Paris adventures in the video down below:

So, what else do Kloss and Chamberlain get up to while they're out in Paris? Well, they headed over to The Ritz and met up with Derek Blasberg, who’s a writer and editor. Kloss considers him a big brother of sorts, so it’s all in the family for this video.

Together, Kloss, Chamberlain, and Blasberg snack on treats from the bakery and hold their breath as they try to navigate Paris traffic. But all went well, and the video ended with Chamberlain and Kloss bidding each other goodbye.

After the shoot, Kloss took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and Chamberlain as they snacked on stuff from the bakery they visited.

“Cruising through Paris with my new BFF @_emmachamberlain ... And I’m driving 🚘 Paris didn’t know what hit ‘em 🙈Vid up on my YouTube channel!” Kloss wrote in the caption, promoting the video.

Check it out:

Kloss wasn’t the only one sharing photos. While staying in Paris, Chamberlain also took to social media to share photos of herself at various landmarks. Like this photo of the YouTube star by the Eiffel Tower:

All in all, it looks like they both had a great time!