Catherine O'Hara's video acceptance speech at the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards stole the show.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Fans Need To Watch Catherine O’Hara’s Hilarious At-Home Acceptance Speech


Schitt's Creek may have ended, but Catherine O'Hara is not done gifting fans some delightful hijinks that would make Moira Rose proud. On Wednesday, May 27, O'Hara won the Best Actress in a Comedy award at the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards, which were conducted via live-stream in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Although she could not take to the podium for her big moment, the video of Catherine O'Hara's at-home acceptance speech proved that the comedic genius is just as hilarious over video-chat.

O'Hara's win for Schitt's Creek's sixth and final season was her fifth consecutive Best Actress in a Comedy trophy for the role of Moira Rose — she has won the award at the Canadian Screen Awards every year since 2015, when Schitt's Creek premiered. And she was not the only Schitt's Creek star to get some love at the awards show. Eugene Levy won his second Best Actor in a Comedy award for playing Johnny Rose, and Emily Hampshire won in the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy category for the fifth year in a row. To top it off, Schitt's Creek won the Best Comedy Series award as well.

But it was O'Hara's acceptance speech that really stole the show. After being announced the winner, O'Hara began her virtual speech as usual, but then decided to have a little fun with the infamous "wrap-up music" that plays at awards shows when speeches run too long. As the orchestral music began to play, O'Hara sang the rest of her speech to the tune, ending on a particularly high note. The Schitt's Creek Twitter account posted the speech, which fans can watch below:

Since O'Hara has taken home CDN trophies for the past five years, fans have gotten to watch a ton of fun, memorable speeches from her. Back in 2018, O'Hara kept her acceptance speech hilariously short and sweet after pulling out a piece of paper, and in 2019, O'Hara gave a poignant speech about Schitt's Creek before ending it by holding up her trophy and exclaiming, "But this is what it's all about."

Schitt's Creek aired its series finale in April, so fans can hope O'Hara will get another Emmy nomination this year and possibly gift us with one more hilarious speech to bid Moira Rose farewell.