This Video Of Cardi B Getting Laser Hair Removal *Down There* Is TMI, But Also Relatable AF

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cardi B is baring it all on social media — but not in the way you’re thinking. Well, not exactly, anyway. The 26-year-old rapper took to her Instagram account on Friday, April 26, to share a video of herself at Rejúve Face & Body Spa in New York City. So, what was she doing there? Um, it’s probably TMI for a lot of people, but she was getting laser hair removal on her lady parts. And, in true Cardi fashion, she recorded all of it. Needless to say, the video of Cardi B getting laser hair removal is pretty NSFW.

In the video, you can see Cardi on the table in the salon getting her privates “lasered.” The laser technician is hard at work as Cardi is recording and even nods along as Cardi talks about why she’s having this kind of hair removal done.

“[Getting] my f*cking vagina lasered. I’m not going out hairy, I’m not shaving p*ssy, nothing!” Cardi announced in the video.

Cardi is one of those people who puts it all out there, literally and figuratively, so I guess this particular video shouldn’t come as a surprise. I mean, it’s probably not the kind of thing I’d talk about in an Instagram video, but Cardi seems pretty comfortable with it. And more power to her for that fact! Actually, her fans love that she'll share literally everything with them.

All in all, the video is rather NSFW. Not that you should worry too much, though, because she did cover up her lady bits with very appropriate emojis. Here’s a look at what Cardi shared on Instagram, which was reposted on Twitter by a fan account:

This, of course, isn’t the first time Cardi has shared a lot more information about her private parts on social media than most would. Back in June 2018, when she was pregnant with her daughter Kulture, Cardi tweeted about a certain private matter she was struggling with.

“SAD NEWS:I can’t see my vagina anymore ☹️,” Cardi tweeted.

As expected, that tweet garnered lots of attention which baffled Cardi a bit. After sharing this news with her fans, her tweet got a ridiculous amount of likes and retweets. And that prompted Cardi to share even more about her pregnancy struggles.

“SMH 200K likes on this tweet ?I guess ya love when I’m miserable 😤You know how hard it is to shave my vagina? 😤😤I literally have to put one leg up in the sink while i look in the mirror facefront 😡.I hate all of yaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂,” she wrote.

And back in January 2019, she talked quite a bit about what goes on below the belt in an Instagram video. In the video, Cardi is basically driving with her pants down and complaining about how tight her jeans are.

"This how I gotta ride in the car son because these pants is too mother--king tight. Sh*t was giving my p*ssy a wedgie. I hate having p*ssy wedgies, bro. My p*ssy be screaming at me like, 'B*tch! You got me f*cked up! You want a yeast infection, bitch? You want a f*cking yeast infection?'" she complained. "So, you nam' sayin'? Y'all I ride around this ho like this. P*ssy breathin', though. P*ssy breathin'!"

Talk about TMI, right? But I guess that’s just what makes Cardi who she is. And her fans wouldn't have her be any other way!