BTS Just Roasted Their First Ever Performance, Reminding Us How Much They've Grown


BTS has come a long way since they made their debut in 2013. Over the last six years, the K-Pop sensation has seen a meteoric rise to fame that just may have baffled someone watching their first ever on-stage performance on M Countdown, a South Korean music program. Well, the boys of BTS recently revisited that debut performance and they had quite a lot to say about it! The video of BTS roasting their debut performance of "We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2" and "No More Dream" is both a hilariously fun walk down memory lane and a true testament to how much the group has grown over the past five years.

In the video, all seven guys are sitting in front of a screen and watching a video of their very first performance on the M Countdown stage from way back in June 2013. Almost immediately, they start chuckling nervously as they watch the show’s hosts introduce them as new artists. And it’s a pretty nerve-wracking moment for all of them when they do finally take the stage. When the performance starts, RM’s eyes go wide and Suga laughs.

“Look how synchronized we are. Scary,” Suga says as the performance kicks off, according to a fan translation.

As they all take in the sight of themselves from way back when, you can hear them whooping and hollering over how “young” and “skinny” they all look.

There are a lot of laughs and Suga even exclaims, “did you see my abs?”

You can check out the whole video of BTS roasting their debut performance down below:

And here's the video with English translations:

The performance they’re watching is very hip-hop-inspired and the guys’ vocals and outfits at the time definitely reflect that.

“Wow, really the hip hop warriors,” RM says.

It’s obvious that RM and the rest of the guys barely recognize themselves compared to what they’ve become in recent years.

“Why did they let me wear that tank top back then?” Jin hilariously asks of his stage outfit.

It’s a very amusing moment and one that shows just how humble the guys are. They don’t take themselves too seriously and are able to laugh at themselves pretty easily, which is endearing!

“Back then, don’t you see our eyes are full of hot, boiling ambition?” J-Hope asks later on in the video. It’s like he’s reflecting on all they’ve achieved over the last six years and seeing the seed that was planted on that stage in 2013.

While there were moments of hilarity and reflection from the guys throughout the video, there were also some moments of embarrassment.

“Why are you guys doing this? What did we do so bad to M Countdown?” RM says jokingly. He was obviously feeling a little self-conscious at having to watch such an old performance, but he’s a really good sport about it!

At one point, Jimin actually asks himself, "Why did I do that, really?" And Jungkook just wanted to know why he only improvised one dance move throughout the entire performance (an arm-flicking movement I quite liked, to be fair). Jin joked about how much he was sweating throughout the performance (back then, two performances back-to-back was a struggle for BTS — something the 2019 BTS definitely cannot relate to).

But in the end, the whole experience watching their throwback performance came full circle, with Suga sharing some wise words to give the BTS of six years ago in its final moments.

“If I may say one thing to us back then: although it might be hard, if you wait a little, then they'll become worldwide superstars, that they will be number one on Billboard as well, and will go to the UN,” he said.

Needless to say, all the members of BTS really enjoyed looking back at how they started out and I think they also learned a new appreciation for all the hard work they’ve put in since then. What a fun video!