This Video Of BTS' Jungkook & V Helping The Film Crew On Set Is So Sweet


The BTS boys are always, always working. Whether they're recording new music, rehearsing for a performance, or filming a new music video, there's always some kind of work to get done. Given their hectic work schedules, it only makes sense that the guys take an interest in the production side of their industry. That's exactly what happened during the filming of one of their performances. The video of BTS' Jungkook and V helping the film crew on set of one of their recorded performances is a fun behind-the-scenes side of the boys the fans don't typically get to see.

The video was released on BTS' YouTube channel on July 28, titled "JK & V experience a new job!" The video shows some of the boys on set for one of their music show recordings that aired in South Korea back in April. (If you measure BTS time by the ever-changing colors of their hair, V had his electric blue look going on here.)

In the first part of the video, Jungkook is standing behind one of the members of the film crew imitating a guy who appears to be slating. Slating, for those of you who don't know, is a film technique that helps synchronize video and sound, and it helps mark each take of a scene. Black-and-white clapperboards are typically used to do this but, in this video, they're just using their hands.

That's what Jungkook is imitating when the video starts.

First of all, the look on Jungkook's face as he does that is heckin' adorable. Who gave him the right? Jungkook slates on his own in the next part of the video, then tries to balance on his arms on one of the set pieces. V and J-Hope are standing behind him as he does it, looking kind of bored, to be honest. I'm an actor, and I get it. Waiting for a scene to start can be a drag sometimes.

The video then cuts to V checking out one of the cameras on set. As he's peering around the equipment, Jimin starts passionately singing Sia's "Chandelier" lyrics. There V is, minding his own business while checking out the camera, when you hear Jimin bellow, "I'MMMMM GONNA SWINNNGGGGGG!" Is the on-set delirium setting in??

The next part of the video shows V learning how to give music cues below the stage. One of the guys running the sound walks him through part of the soundboard, showing him the ropes while V practices giving cues. He's wearing a headset mic that wraps around his face, and can I just say how much I appreciate the Britney Spears-ness of it all?

That's pretty much all of the video! It's a short, one-minute clip showing the guys behind-the-scenes, and it has a bunch of cute-as-heck personality moments in its short time span.

These guys work so much, I'm glad we got to see them kicking back and having some lighthearted fun during breaks while filming.