BTS' First "Dionysus" Performance Was So Hot, It Should Come With A Burn Warning


BTS is finally back in Korea and they showed all their love to ARMYs with an amazing comeback performance on M Countdown. While appearing on the show, BTS performed “Dionysus” for the very first time and BTS fans worldwide went absolutely wild. If you haven’t seen it yet, let me just say that the video of BTS’ first performance of “Dionysus” on M Countdown is literally so hot, you're likely to get burned watching it! It’s everything you’ve been dreaming of and so much more.

In addition to performing “Dionysus,” BTS also performed “Make It Right” and “Boy With Luv” on M Countdown. As you can imagine, Korean fans are more pumped up about Map of the Soul: Persona than ever simply because of these amazing performances. “Dionysus” feeds right into all that excitement because it such a fun, energetic song. I mean, look at these lyrics from the track:

Shot glasses (sippin’) / Linked arms (tippin’) / One mouthful / Thyrsus (grippin’) / Grape (eatin’) / Drink up / Vibes (Keep it) / D style (rip it) / One mouthful / Here / (Kill it) let’s steal it / The illest
Just get drunk, like Dionysus / In one hand, a shot glass, and in the other hand, Thyrsus / Art flowing Inside the transparent crystal cup / Art is alcohol too, I guess, if you drink it, you like it fool / You dunno you dunno / You dunno

If that’s not a party song, then I don’t know what is! BTS certainly had something of a party on stage at M Countdown. The performance started with all the boys sitting around an ancient-looking dinner table wearing togas (a shoutout to all those Greek references), but they soon ditched the togas to reveal they were all wearing white suits, head to toe. From there, the song's energetic choreography mesmerizes. And by that, I mean there are more hip thrusts than you are emotionally prepared to handle.

And every fan in the audience felt the boys’ energy in their soul! You can check out BTS’ performance of “Dionysus” on M Countdown down below:

All right, now that you’ve seen it and had a moment to recover, what did you think? Amazing, right? What's even more incredible is that the song is based on Greek Mythology. Well, kind of! For those of you who don’t know, Dionysus was a Greek God. Here’s how he’s described by the website Greek Gods and Goddesses:

Dionysus was the ancient Greek god of wine, winemaking, grape cultivation, fertility, ritual madness, theater, and religious ecstasy … Because Dionysus was the only Olympian with a mortal mother, because he was raised on the mythical Mount Nysa (which was believed to be either far to the south or the east), and because he wandered Asia before arriving in Greece, Dionysus was seen as an outsider. This was an inherent part of his cult, which often focused on the more subversive elements of his nature. Dionysus was often called Eleutherios, meaning “the liberator,” because his wine, music, and ecstatic dance freed his followers from self-consciousness and the restraints of society.

So, BTS’ song totally encapsulates the myth of Dionysus. And, in a way, their performance on M Countdown did, too, because BTS seemed totally pumped up and “liberated” during that performance. What an amazing job they did!