This Video Of Blue Ivy Telling Beyoncé's Mom A Corny Joke Is Literally Too Adorable

by Hollee Actman Becker
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Blue Ivy Carter is here to save your Monday morning. Beyonce and Jay-Z's 7-year-old daughter stole the show during a cameo in Grandma Tina Lawson's latest Instagram video. And while we don't actually get to see the adorable little girl — except for her hand — we do get to hear her tell a funny joke offscreen. And pretty damn impressively so, for that matter. Blue Ivy telling Beyonce's mom a corny joke is pure gold. Because Blue is obviously a comedic queen and a national treasure, and Twitter, of course, is totally freaking out about it.

OK, so the clip starts off with an introduction from Grandma Tina. "It's corny joke time, and I'm here with a very special guest, my beautiful granddaughter," she says, as Blue then waves her hand in front of her face to say hi. "She actually gave me the joke," Tina explains. "So, here it goes!"

You guys ready?

"Hey! So, how many petals — I mean, how many lips does a flower have?" Blue Ivy asks from somewhere off camera.

"Well how many?" inquires Lawson, playing along.

"Two lips! Blue responds confidently. "You get it? Because there's a kind of flower that's called a tulip?"

"I got it, I got it," Lawson assures her.

The whole exchange was just so freaking cute.


Blue really sold that joke, didn't she? I could listen to that cute little voice all day. She's just so smart and polite for a seven-year-old. And don't think we didn't notice those long nails, girl! I mean, without even seeing her, you can already tell that Blue is just such a star. It may be time for Queen Bey to hand over that crown!

Twitter, meanwhile, is blowing up over the way Blue completely delivered the laughs.

Check out some of these tweets:

"Blue is the funniest person alive," one commenter wrote. "Wow the next comedic legend."

"Ugh Blue Ivy the queen of comedy," added another. "We had to stan."

And from a third: "Give Blue Ivy a Netflix special!"

Honestly, I would be so here for that!

This isn't the first time Grandma Tina and Blue have joined forces to give fans the gift of a corny joke. Back in July 2018, Tina shared a funny joke sesh featuring the voices of both Blue and Beyoncé while the three of them were vacationing together.

"Hello, I'm in the South of France and it's corny joke time," Tina announces in the clip.

Then she gets right to it.

"Knock, knock," she says.

"Who’s there?" Beyonce and Blue chime in unison from the background.

"Obama," Knowles replies.

"Obama who?" asks Bey.

"O-ba-myselffff," Tina sings, and TBH she's actually pretty good!

"This is by Beyonce," she then adds. "She gave me this joke."

"Oh no, god!" an embarrassed Beyonce says off-camera.


Honestly, this whole thing is just such a mood and I totally wish I was there, don't you? I actually think it's so sweet that Tina has passed the whole "corny joke" thing onto her fam, and that Beyoncé and Blue are now carrying on the tradition.

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