Bhad Baby Threw Water At Iggy Azalea At Cardi B's Party, So There's A New Rap Beef Brewing

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is there a new rap beef brewing between Bhad Bhabie and Iggy Azalea? Well, if a video obtained by TMZ is any indication, then it certainly seems like there might be — albeit a bit one-sided! On Thursday, Nov. 15, TMZ published a video of Bhad Bhabie starting a bit of a squabble with Azalea during Fashion Nova’s launch party for Cardi B’s line. Though Azalea doesn’t retaliate in any way, it’s clear that Bhad Bhabie has something she needs to get off her chest. The video of Bhad Bhabie throwing water at Iggy Azalea will probably leave you with more questions than answers, but it’s fascinating to watch nonetheless.

Elite Daily reached out to Azalea and Bhad Bhabie’s reps for comment on the altercation, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

In any case, TMZ’s video shows Bhad Bhabie tossing a cup of water at Azalea who is standing off in the distance seemingly oblivious to what’s about to happen. The water barely touches Azalea, but security handles the situation very quickly by escorting Bhad Bhabie off the premises. That’s a good thing, because Bhad Bhabie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, is only 15 years old.

You can see the video of the whole water-throwing incident below:

Once everything calmed down, TMZ caught up with both of them as they exited the party to find out what happened. Turns out, Bhad Bhabie had a lot to say.

“Listen, she was talking sh*t on Instagram so, b*tch, you fixin’ to say something, then b*tch, something’s going to happen to you. And I can’t get to her because I have security that’s not gonna let me. So, b*tch, I’m gonna do what I can,” she told TMZ outside the party.

As for Azalea’s alleged shade on Instagram, here’s what Bhad Bhabie may be referring to:

When TMZ asked Azalea if she would retaliate in some way for what Bhad Bhabie attempted to do to her, she offered a very appropriate response. “I can’t. She’s a little kid. What would I do?”

So, it seems like Azalea is taking the high road on this one. Of course, after all of this went down, Azalea took to Twitter to express her mindset about the whole thing.

“Imagine me scrambling around on the floor in a dirty night club trying to hit a teenage girl. Girl. NO,” she tweeted. “I’m grown and will simply have you REMOVED and continue enjoying myself. 🙄 #YouNotSpecial Anything else from her mouth is ignored - it’s too preschool for me.”

Later on, after the video of Bhad Bhabie throwing water surfaced, Azalea went on Twitter again to say that the whole thing was laughable.

“Now y’all saw the video I’m sure you understand why I spent the rest of the night laughing and unbothered by that foolishness,” she wrote.

That, of course, didn’t scare Bhad Bhabie away from social media. According to People, the 15-year-old addressed the situation in her Instagram story.

“Don’t talk sh*t on the Internet Iggy. U a b*tch just mad a 15 year old outsold ur ass. NEXT,” Bhabie wrote on her Instagram story. “Glad u left wit a bag cuz u certainly ain’t making no money from music anymore.”

Yikes! This whole thing is a mess, but at least Azalea is attempting to stay as far away from this "beef" as possible. Hopefully, it all blows over soon!