'This Is Us' Gave Fans A Look At What Really Goes On In Toby, Beth, & Miguel's Text Chain

NBC/Ron Batzdorff

We saw them bond last season during Rebecca and the Big Three's family therapy session, but the latest This Is Us episode confirmed that Beth, Toby, and Miguel have kept their status as the "other" Big Three alive. In "Katie Girls," Beth told Randall that she has a group text with Toby and Miguel where the spouses talk about "how messed up" the Pearsons are. The mere mention of a text chain this unlikely trio uses to vent interested fans so much that the show released an inside look at their conversation. This video of Beth, Toby, and Miguel's This Is Us text chain is so perfect that fans will need another glimpse into the message ASAP.

In the show's Oct. 9 episode, Randall discovered the existence of the Pearson Spouse Support chain when Beth began quoting Miguel's own diagnosis of Randall's personality. At this point, present-day Miguel is still a quiet observer rather than an active participant in Pearson drama. While his history as a stepdad is unclear, Miguel has still known Randall his entire life and probably has solid insight into his persona. According to Beth, Miguel believed that Randall feels obligated to be the family's rock, and his spot-on perception proved that while their chain may just be GIFs most of the time, he, Beth, and Toby definitely cover some serious ground in the conversation.

After the little detail inspired a positive reaction among viewers, the This Is Us Twitter account hinted that giving fans a look at the text chain was possible. The account followed through when it shared a minute-long video later that night showing a friendly exchange in the "Other Big 3" group.

Taking place soon after Randall confronted Kate about her comment of passing down a part of Jack, the conversation begins when Beth tells the guys that Randall is putting his stress into far-fetched projects around the house. Mentioning that he even tinkered with their 15-year-old toaster, Beth then joked about the house burning down. While Miguel made a typical "old man texts" response with a slightly awkward "OMG," Toby sent a clever "#TooSoon." Well, seeing as the family had to take cleansing breaths at Kate's wedding about Jack's death 20 years afterward, burning house jokes probably are too soon.

The video continues to show very fitting responses from each character, from Beth saying that the house smells like cologne and regret to Toby wanting to know the exact cologne Randall uses. The mysterious Miguel is apparently cool enough to hang with Beth and Toby, but having seen the real Big Three's childhood with Jack, viewers have the same perspective about Miguel as Kevin, Kate, and Randall do. Despite respecting his role in Rebecca's life, the triplets definitely aren't keen on bonding with Miguel. If we have to wait until Season 4 for more background on Miguel and Rebecca's relationship, here's hoping that Beth spills more about her chats with him so fans can warm up to him sooner rather than later.

Season 3 of This Is Us continues on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.