This Airplane Went Off The Runway & Over A Cliff, & The Video Is Absolutely Terrifying

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I don't know about you, but I always have and likely always will have a fear of flying. It doesn't matter how many flights I've been on or how frequently I fly, there's still something deep down inside of me that says, "something can, and might go wrong." So news of plane malfunctions don't exactly help me out with this phobia of mine, but I'll always read every article and watch any related videos because I just can't look away. Which is why when this video of a Pegasus Airlines plane that went over a cliff surfaced online, I couldn't resist getting all the details on this frightening incident.

A Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 plane flying from the Turkish capital city of Anarka was landing in the coastal city of Trabzon on Jan. 13, when suddenly the aircraft veered off the runway and was on the verge of plunging into the Black Sea, according to NPR. The only thing that prevented the plane from taking that plunge into the sea were its wheels, which got stuck in the mud and brought the plane to a standstill. And the images and video of the incident, showing the plane literally hanging off the edge of a cliff are seriously bone-chilling.

Arial videos of the plane were taken just moments after the frightening landing.

A passenger also videotaped the panic that set in inside the plane.

It's obvious just how scared everyone inside that plane was. Chills.

A statement from the airline company explained that the aircraft "had a runway excursion incident," without much more insight as to how and why this occurred, which is probably not very reassuring for the people who experienced it.

Can you imagine just how frightening it would be to feel that plane drop down a cliff after a seemingly safe landing, and then not know if the plane was going to go all the way down or not? I seriously would not know what to do with myself. I'd probably become paralyzed out of the terror alone.

Despite the fear and panic from those onboard, there were no reported injuries and all 162 passengers and crew managed to safely evacuate the plane. So serious props are in order for the aircraft's crew for successfully managing what could have been a devastating, or even fatal, situation.

I know that my phobia of flying might be a bit unwarranted, especially considering the fact that traveling by air is actually the safest way to travel these days, according to Travel + Leisure. And especially considering how great of a year 2017 was for flying, which has absolutely nothing to do with President Donald Trump. According to a report from the Aviation Safety Network, not a single airline recorded a commercial passenger jet death over the past year, making 2017 the safest travel year on record.

While this is great news for globetrotters everywhere, it's incidents like this one from Turkey that will make me perpetually at least a little bit afraid of flying. There are two particular moments that scare me the most: taking off and landing, as these are the two moments during a flight are when the plane is most at risk getting into an accident. According to Boeing statistical studies, 16 percent of fatal accidents occur during takeoff and initial climb, while 29 percent occur during the approach and landing.

So this Pegasus Airlines flight sadly fell victim to that heightened odds. Thankfully, this particular incident did not result in any fatalities — but it came pretty darn close. That image will haunt me and my future flying experiences for days to come. No matter how safe I know it really is.