This Video Of A Dog Interrupting A Weather Forecast Will Warm Your Heart

A Weatherman’s Dog Totally Stole The Show During His Forecast & The Video Is So Precious

by Daffany Chan

The internet is buzzing about a hilarious work-from-home moment featuring a pup crashing a weather forecast. Though the owner tried to get his adorable golden retriever to listen, the mischievous pooch continued to steal the spotlight. This video of a dog interrupting a weather forecast will make your day a little brighter.

Reporter Andrew Feinberg shared the video on Thursday, April 30, and it's since been making rounds on social media. The clip features FOX WTVT meteorologist Paul Dellagatto filming a segment at home due to social distancing guidelines caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A blunder occurs, however, when his dog, Brody, bumps into his computer, knocking the weather map off of his screen before he jumps into his owner's lap. "That wasn't very smart," Dellegatto tells Brody. When the dog lets out a big yawn, it's clear he's been waiting for meal time. Dellegato tries to reassure Brody, telling him, "Didn't mean to keep you up. Next time buddy, we're going to eat after this."

Despite the meteorologist's efforts to get Brody to listen, it appears the dog has a mind of his own. He runs off to look for the cameraman who is hidden on the porch, giving viewers a close up of the pup's face. The anchor, Linda Hustado, laughed it all off and summed up what all dog lovers are thinking as the golden retriever became the star of the show: "We don't need that forecast map, we'll just look at Brody."

Fans have been chiming in on Twitter with their reactions of the video. Many pointed out the adorable framed picture of a golden retriever on Dellagatto's desk. User @RobertMaguire_ commented, "You don't truly love your pets if you don't have prominently displayed, framed pictures of them in your house."

There were also plenty of hilarious comments calling for more weather forecasts with four-legged friends. Twitter user @Kassieepstein shared her thoughts on post-coronavirus broadcasts: "If we don’t come out of this with pet-featured forecasts, what are we even doing." Though working from home during the pandemic many not always go as planned, the unexpected interruptions from pets undoubtedly add some cheer.